Thursday, November 11, 2010

11-10-2010 Story Time

*******The Silent Treatment
The wife and I just casually conversing, my thinking out loud I happened to mention I want to sell the Greene truck after Ugly‘s repaired including adding a pair of quieting mufflers, Frieda immediately went through an instant metamorphosis transformed into Herr Clink‘s right on into a rarer alter persona, Attila the Hun. Starting out a thought, the atmosphere turned into a disagreement, eventually coming to giving each other the silent treatment.
Well this has about to go on for a couple days.
Knowing I had forgotten some mechanical work I hadn’t completed, I wanted Frieda to wake me at 5 a.m. as I wanted to finish it up in the barn before I spent the rest of the day putting in time on the loader-digger, skid-steer, and eventually on a tractor before had finished the rest of my day. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), I wrote her a note, "Please wake me at 5 a.m." Then left it right where he knew she would find it one of her middle of the night water hauls.
Experiencing an almost sleepless nite, the next morning, waking up, it was already 9 AM. and I wanted to be up in the barn before I had to go get on the tractors. Furious, I was about to go to see why Herr Clink hadn't wakened me when I noticed a note taped on the computer monitor..
The note said: "It is 5 a.m. Wake up."
[i]I got to tell ya, men are not equipped for these kinds of contests.[/i]

Isn’t rather interesting how much better a tale grows and improves when the original story teller repeats it over and over again. Now, I wouldn’t particularly stretch a truth would I?
As far as the day went I fouled it all day long. First off Missed my eye appointment by some four hours between forgetting the ordinal appointment time and the rescheduling. The there’s all the good news and bad news bit. Unfortunately it was real newsy. Good news! First October eye care had been reinstated. I only I hadn’t realized about it until a week or so ago. That’s Okay. Bad news! Only then two weeks ago it was almost all taken away. Good news there is a more scratch resistant lenses material. Bad news! Now I have to pay for the materials and 20% the examination. Bad news. My right eye is legally blind. More bad news! Only needing one lenses my present eye glass frame are obsolete. Bad news continuing, can’t just have one lenses ground for new frames. Rule is must have two lenses. Good news. The whole of the additions came up less than the national debt.
Farm wise I got very little done today. I cut one sheet of plywood for the taken apart barn door. And moved some equipment. For some short lived entertainment I looked at the Truckster trying to figure out the wiring. Found an electrical schematic in my old Cushman manual that could possibly parallel this machine’s wiring needs. Looking at the machine long enough, all the wires bleached out colors, I’m thinking of ignoring the original wiring harness and starting a new one of my own making. So many components inoperable anyway and I want to make some changes and additions a new wire harness just may be the easier way to go.


Paula said...

Message to Frieda---You go girl!

Owd Fred said...

Could you have two left lenses cut, one for now and one for spare