Thursday, November 18, 2010

Busy day

Got to run errands (nuts) including picking up specks. I’d had let the specks wait if it weren’t for their capping my must do this’d’that running around to take care of some living essentials. Add in I must grind today there’ll be little time for even incidental fixings for last half my afternoon. (hehe) Maybe I’ll get to play with Haulster should I be in the shop vicinity* without something more important pressing my time. Oh crap, I’ve just thought of something what needs some attention, my barn’s back doors.
The proceeding written even before breakfast. Slept 10 hours last night. Waking late stupidity, I had even run my glass of water and forgot to take my rattlers after which I must wait an entire hour before eating. Me, dumb? One rewarding thing (if it were one) I kept the fire going all night. I’m so proud of myself…..
*If I hadn’t found the correct spelling for this word “vicinity” I’d have tried smelling it with an “f,” ficinity or “ph” phicinity, sticking to my guns leaving it smelt that one way or the other! Uh, oh how I like a good laugh, even if it’s at myself…..
This morning’s TV news?
If some single-stock stock-holders haven’t yet lost enough, GM’s selling more stock. If you got the bucks, ante up! Palan thinks she can beat Obama out of the White House? GW Bush to get nation’s highest peace award? Poles suggest marriage is becoming old fashioned. Synthetic pot popular with teens, undetectable in drug use tests. Have you got yours? Wisconsin man arrested after shooting his TV set. Uh, has it become an ill-eagle act to shoot one’s own TV?
Was a lot of fun stuff in this morning’s news. ROFLMAO as long as I can’t do nothing about it (the news).
Left turn out the driveway heading northeast as best I could through a series of right and left hand turns and had accomplished 75% of my running list. The noon hour shining brightly via the dash clock on my way home from the furthest stop I saw the junkyard I’d been passing my traveling this road dozens of times before. Beckoning I couldn’t pass it having not planned to stop I had to pass the drive and turn around. Entering the office I asked the lady behind the counter if they might have a pair of headlight shells with the intact trim. She having no idea what I wanted. She suggested I drive out into the yards and look for myself. Oh golly gee whiz! That place ran deep in from the road maybe a half mile. OMG, what an supply depot for a tinker’s material candy store. I’ve got to go back there again soon with my tool box next time.
Lunch late and out of my way, some lama feeds to use up, I was off to the elevator for some the regular (usual) supplements I‘d short one bag for two lama replacements. Supplements one Greene’s back it was picking up the empty feed wagon one more stop ‘fore going home. All my tools off Greene’s back last night moved agin so I could get the Leland-Bradley combination out and bellied up to the shelled corn wagon, I managed the grind in good stead. The grindings trucked down the road and spotted as the usual in the front of that upper barn. Then I was off to finish my errand runs. Just like always about the time I finished what I had to be taken care of, I had about a half hour daylight left. Not even enough time to get into trouble I ambled home .Had truck to unload down at the barn and up to the house. Last stop was for a ten pound turkey while the picking out my choice without having to settle for a next week’s picked through leftovers.
Goods what needed the freezer went freezer. Goods what needed shelving were shelved. Then it was guess was doing the laundry again. Two loads pilled high I had to do something about it. My socks and shorts might have been in there mine needing cleansed.
Hmmm? I must have been a good boy today, Frieda’s fixing me my supper. Just goes to show you I do something right every now and then! ;^)

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