Friday, November 5, 2010

Trying this again (maken it a two/fur tonite)

Just some Shorthorn country pictures…
Pictures form up and down our farms road.
At home
One of the Fall calve with her mom in my corral or holding pen.
When the calf’s numbered, tattooed, and tagged they’ll be moved down to the tenant farm to winter.
At the tenant farm
This imposing beast had her whole head into my drivers door not once but twice. Here she’s thinking about doing it again. I must have chased her around Greene three times before I had finally discouraged her looking for the owners manual on how to drive Greene. .
This all went on while I was cutting the last two fence posts out of pile of utility poles. Yeah, I know, I didn’t think to take picture her then.
Down the road
Another fall calf. This is one of two more there. The total count is now up to six fall calves.
Again, once numbered, tattooed and tagged these ladies and their off spring will also be transported to winter quarters. Looking up to upper right hand corner looks like Mom’s dinner is on the way.
Life’s good.

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Paula said...

Like the pictures. Why don't you let that cow read the manual, maybe she could help?