Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TG count down….

….Begins I had better look up turkey recipe. I know how I want it put together. Just need to know length of roasting. This cooking thing isn’t my prime indoor occupation being an outdoor kind of nut liking fresh air and space. Yeah, I know it is Wednesday, having written nothing for yesterday I add Tuesday’s adventures here. For daylight starters I was out before daylight loading two ladies tripping for the livestock exchange, each traveling in her own private compartment. When our ladies travel the these two had gotten first class accommodations. The only way to go.
Back home another tea, a wait for another hour, for Frieda’s diabetic blood sugar check. Was okay, and back home for breakfast. I had a new list of things to do. Primarily get an old Melroe plow out for required parts survey. Looks like it needs a couple coulters, half dozen moldboards, half dozen plow points, and at least one 11.00x14 tire. (And what have I got? A couple spare 11.00x15 tires and only one implement wheel.) Gotta do some serious shopping for the rest.
Back to the turkey, I like to stuff my bird with a dry dressing. I toast my bread and cut it up into cubes (crotons?) and put in lots if cut up veggies: garlic, onion, celery, sliced red sweet pepper, and shaved thin carrot. I use the red pepper and finely sliced orange carrot for color. I’ll season bird with pepper, minimal salt, sage. slather bird with granola oil. I’m thinking 20 min/pound for a ten pound bird at 325*, 3 ½ hours.
Yeah, I’m talking turkey. I’m a customary deep cast iron kettle maker of stew, galosh, soup; barbequed fish, steaks, burgers, fried eggs and fish; and, I can make a pancake. Have got to try biscuits one day.
Xmas tree talk every body’s has a different idea. We started out sharing our first cut Xmas tree with Mom. Our second year we endlessly enjoyed our first live Christmas tree having gone out picking it out and trading a round point shovel for an axe or saw We put it’s roots in apiece of burlap again setting it in half bushel basket. Told we couldn’t keep that tree in the house for no more than three days it survived an eight day Holiday before we carried it out giving it two new leases in life. Number one we had saved that spruce tree from one use toilet paper. Secondly that tree surviving the New Year’s day planting has been a constant reminder of our first year two weeks married life celebration, secondly that tree well over forty or more feet tall now has been home for a many a bird nesting’s hatched eggs families. We won some, lost some, learning hard lessons on giving live Holiday Christmas trees renewed lives. All of those survivors were planted in two welcoming sites not only offering winged wildlife’s songbirds shelter and sanctuary but also beautifying otherwise empty spaces, and providing cooling shade to anyone stopping under any one of them for a moment‘s rest.
Living here this house so very small we haven’t had a tree. However I’m weighing the possibility of hanging our previously decorated Christmas wreath (lites and ornaments) in our doubled dining area window? Most interesting part of the wreath’s trimmings are the use of some many many-a-year old obsolete light bulb string. In an effort to help them last longer I had wired in at least two extra light sockets thus lowering the voltage across the whole single string lot of them. Yeah, I’m thinking it’ll add a festive touch to this ware-housed home. Sorry about the description. It is what it is!
It being a long weekend’s start, this morning’s first I made a left turn out of drive for the elevators, all both of them. The first for the shelled corn re-supply, the second for the quantity’s weight slip. Got that done and out of the way in anticipation a surprise request for another grind.
An hour for lunch to include figuratively lick my sore knees. What the, this could well be last decent day before real weather sets in. I ladder worked the tract hardware inside the barn first. Pitching the ladder against the outside I casually worked each track hanger in turn until with only two heavy bolts for the last two hangers to go my knees came into my mind figuratively demanding enough’s enough. I played with my tools from that ladder my mind saying, “Just one more climb, that’s all, one more climb,” that last hour and a half. Three thirty I was loading my tools, ladders, and damaged old track on Greene. Was a quarter after four o’clock. Enough was enough by this time as I had most everything put away. It were time to come home.
Then Dam_ it to _ell, while I’m a setting here typing this watching the dark come down over the window I realized I had forgotten my ladies evening chores. In my nightshirt, I stepped into my tux, lazily slipped my rubber boots, and departed. Returning it were a simple matter to slip out of my boots(no laces to contend with), stepped out of my tux and resumed my lazy sordid evening’s behavior.
I have discovered an unscrupulous pickpocket has mysteriously settled in around here. Case in point I’ve lost my keys three times during the last four days. It being no easy matter replacing them my having had the unbounded pleasure of loosing them sums days past. My pockets near emptied a couple days ago I caught sight some foot prints up and down the driveway. Could they belong to the filching culprit. Yeah, I followed them alright loosing them out at the end of the ramp. Rather sneaky this criminal minded adversary. Hmmm, as long as I was at the end of the ramp I could just as well walk up to the house and make me a cup-a-tea. A cup of tea in my hand sitting it down beside the computer. My chair a mess on top my couple added cushions, one for added height and the top one notched for my tail bone‘s relief, thus no left temple headaches. The two cushions removed my thinking I’d straighten up my cushions covering. Walla, and what to my wondering eyes did I see, some sparkling and twinkling down on the left side between where the cushions had been and the chair’s arm, were my keys, gobs and bunches of them. It would appear as if when I’ve relaxed, tilting back my recliner the contents of my pockets had been pilfered right here during my relaxings. Dam_, Just what I need. Now I’ve got to keep a wary eye upon a sneaky kleptomaniac chair. There seems to be crime everywhere, these difficult economic times, even places not so likely.
Well, it’d been a pretty good day after all. Remarkably (my point of view) I got a lot done today: Hauled in fresh supply shelled corn, finished replacing the sliding barn door hardware, and finished rehabilitating the last of the lost (broken) gate handles. Yup, it were a good day. One more thing to write it about. My fingers getting cold today I’m thinking it won’t be long and I’ll be doubling up my work gloves before long.

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