Thursday, November 11, 2010

Story Time’s rest of it.

The Silent treatment revisited, the following morning I thought it best a have some torn flesh on my hand looked at and bare my arm for tetanus shot. Silence is golden but not for the remainder of my lifetime. Stopping downtown the Otisville metropolis I moseyed into the loco Fairhaven Store. Picked up one them shopping baskets and commenced to fill it with skein after skein of baby blanket project wool.
Waltzing back into the house just as I were the Lord and master of it were my castle. I gave the big plastic shopping bag with is fuzzy contents getting a big smile and attitude as if nothing had ever transpired. She’s no silent anymore. Ohh? Why did I ever do something nice for her making her feel so yackity yack……. Her ever since feeling good.
To late now, o’ why o’ why hadn’t I negotiated an out clause? . ….don’t talk back.
Day’s start had me spreading Philadelphia cream cheese on oat meal toast. Not liking peanut butter for breakfast I save my peanut butter eating for an occasional noon hour lunch sandwich of a late night just before turning in snack.
Well as the mop flops: Everywhere Herr Clink goes, this morning to Doc’s office for instance, Frieda’s rallying support for my keeping the Greene truck. (grrr) Darn, I show her just a wee bit of luxury and she wants to become accustomed to it.
By the time I’ve gotten back home after a tough afternoon single handedly trying to put back together those same taken apart barn doors. Her Mostess’s is talking as if it’s her idear I should sell Greene. What a turn around. Could it be the grand kids wanting to come up here? Might it have been my grand daughter unsuccessfully trying to put the bit on me for some heavy traveling cash (insurance and plate for their motor home). Frieda’s finally catching onto the tight money sitssheation plaguing us. First problem is the getting Ugly into the shop for some serious getting into its fixings and quieting modifications. Wimmin?!?!?!? Can’t live with’em, can’t trade her off. Sheesh! ;^)

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