Monday, November 29, 2010

cold remedy

High-Ho neighbors, looking for an old home-made cold remedy?
It just happens go something like this:
Stir in to one half glass warm water;
One jigger Southern Comfort whiskey (or booze of your choice (Rum isn't bad),
One jigger [i]apple cider[/i] vinegar,
One jigger lemon juice,
And at least one whole tablespoon bees honey.
Stir it all together and I suggest while it is still warm drink it all down in three or four gulps, making all gone.

Two of our family doctors have confirmed this tonic has everything in it to comfort a cold, sooth a sore throat, runny nose, cut phloem, quiet the nerves, help a body sleep and whatever else I may think up later.
Been truly tried and tested on our seven plus children over a child rearing 30 year period plus use upon Her Mostess’s biggest baby, me every since then.
Slept comfortably eight hours. No wind, supposed to stay above freezing, I let the fire die over night. So I’d clean out the ashes this AM. That’s done. Fires going again with more room for more wood. Going to be a beautiful/gorgeous day here today. Couldn’t be an asked for nicer one this late into Fall.
Today’s do’s include loading up more spools my wanting to pickup all the fences. Going to be so nice I had better be getting with it bringing in my firewood.
Okay I ain’t been setting the world on fire charging out into the light of day. But I’ll tell ya what it weren’t any help one way or another a early start. The weather forecaster lied through his teeth. The temps got down to at least 28* made for frost on the leftover pumpkins spoilings. Between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM the wet grasses and mud’s did nothing but let my traction driven tires slip and slid, all traction lost under my wire winders tires to the thawing of the morning frost leaving’s grasses slippery. It was 1:00PM before I was making any time winding wires. Fence posts were easy coming up as I rolled along rolling up these wires. Had a good day of it at that with the exception while I needed the hay ring the ladies had folded up for fixed and back here where I needed it. While I had left it in front of the shop Bro’ couldn’t find it, and when he did he found fault with it. Well why wouldn’t he find fault with it? It was broken into! That’s why I put it there, its need fixed. Well the jest of it he had to have it gotten up and set so’s he could make fix welding it back together. Okay, I had it set, could I get away. No! he needed baby sitten. Oh crud! Didn’t I know it. I was trapped, drafted into standing by handing this finding that and hold this or that down. He managed get a good start eating up my day.
The piece of hay ring loaded he was chomping at the bit to scrub brush (chop). “How about my having lunch?” I asked. Well now that question about put him up a tree. He’d had his after he’d called me earlier. And when he called I was way out back all lined up wire tied to a spool and ready to roll up another long leg, Almost a ½ mile this one. So, about the time I made my farm yard I jumped Greene and headed his way like it were an emergency postponing my lunch. I had hardly swallowed just some of it down and he was all but honking me out in my yard. A quick swallow and a gulp the last of my milk gone, I joined Bro’ in my yard. We put the flail machine on the JCB. I automatically manned the gates passing us through. I pointed him in the direction I had cleared of fences for him to go. I set about picking up another long leg adjoining the bottom hollow. I barely made the other end and bro’ had troubled. A hydraulic fitting on the brush chopper had sprung a leak. This took me away from my doings to take broken machine aprt for his part replacement travels tomorrow among others. Best I could do was one more long leg out to the west side the Duck Pond pasture. Sun about setting I had ash buckets and trash to pick up and pack on up to the house. Tomorrow trask day I had my trash to gift wrap. It was a failing twilight I had finally made it in. Curses, I’ve still had the firewood on Dumpy truck’s back to bring in the house. I had me a whole hour to to do it before the predicted 10:00PM rains start. I finished toting in the wood at 11:10 PM. I’m well done.

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Paula said...

I have all the ingrediants for the cold remedy but I sure hope I won't need it. Thanks for posting it just in case.