Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have felt all Elaine has gone through. on a permanent rattler taking routine. I'm on coumadin, a beta drug, time released nitrates, pocketed emergency instant nitrates, vitamin iron, baby aspirin, and more. Some of them twice a day, others once a day. I sort out of prescription bottles into the daily bottles each morning. I do this each morning as for by the time I approach the needed second batch I'm brain dead and admittedly physically and mentally incapable for sorting the evening rations out for proper taking. I was better than a year under weekly blood tests and coumadin adjustments finally getting the medication right. That was when I had run out and found myself making do splitting one of my earlier supplies (prescription) over one of them four day weekends. I don't recommend it. But by accident I luckily got my take finally on the button.
Between us Frieda and myself we were averaging four or more medical appointments a week. Some have been forgotten or run out of time missed. When we're covered under snow I'll be catching us up refitting the routines of two of the three I had let go.
Frieda under the onslaught of medical appointments the last three months, she's been finally evening out and up to doing more around here. I've been reprieved doing dishes and laundry for awhile, and digging good things from the freezer.
Days have become so cussed short, the amount of daylight having nothing to do with it, what with all the required extra sleep I believe we’re mimicking a duo Mr. and Mrs. Ripvanwrinkle. Then it’s where had the time gone. Once again your time will get easier liking a short changed third honeymoon, without no more woo-woo!
Went down to the barn and did my chores mostly cloudy this AM, having had some rain over night the creek was up to the top of the banks and no frogs jumping. Grabbed my tobacco can and moseyed twice headed across the road before I made it. Sat around the Pirate’s fire exaggerating a couple true yarns while the elements tried mustering up a good rain. The rain I suppose we were supposed to have had yesterday.
This afternoon I threw a pile of wood upon Dumpy truck’s bed. When I thought I had loaded enough I backed it up to the deck’s opened gate. Dumpy hit the deck so hard I thought I’d have found at the back door the hard way. Leaving Dump truck running for a while to recharge the battery I carried a first arm load woof into the living room. Coming back outside, the sun also coming out, and I saw Dumpy had developed some kind of a %8075&%798%%&(* attitude having cut out across the front yard, my having to go after it. Backing it up again with a stern resolve it’d had better stay where I put it. And it did. Working up a sweat I took a tea break. Dumpy half unloaded I had earned, and if I hadn’t, I took it anyway!
Tea sipped-sipped until it was all gone before I returned to Dumpy’s wood load. Worked up another good sweat in the cool airs breezing around the house yards. Dumpy still where I had left it last there was almost enough wood on its back to fill the foyer to my predetermined level. Oh well, I won’t be waiting near as long again before I re-supply the house.
Four o’clock only an hour from slipping into the twilight zone, to heck with it. It’s to late to start something else I can’t finish. Ah so, maybe I’ve got a couple three wee little odds and ends to tidy up. Well, it writes like a good idea plan, anyway.
(hehehehe) I accomplished two out of the tree tasks. First, I managed to clean and oil the woodstove’s stack fan. Secondly, I spliced the leather belt on Frieda’s treadle sewing machine. The third task nailing the bottom a bureau draw to its back side has gone undone until I find the right brads.
Back tracking I accomplished making some nowhere going phone calls. That irks me no end when my calls aren’t returned, specially when I’ve got a rare day hanging close into the house.


Paula said...

No more woo woo? Well join the crowd!

Donna said...

At least so far, Cliff can take all his important meds at one time. He takes some vitamins at a different time, but I don't worry if he misses those once in awhile. Today he has to get on the treadmill for a nuclear stress test. We'll be at the doctor's office for four hours. I'm taking plenty of reading material.