Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Black Friday and I’m (We’re) not going shopping anywhere. I can run into more than enough traffic right out here in the barn yards. I’ve even more than enough motoring ahead of me today moving hay feeder rings and the potential same.
Backing the tractor up here; even as much as we’re in need of cat food and my picking out and ordering my own quadracycle building components, for getting back to this project’s assembly advances. By gum, I’ve gotten myself involved with to many kind of electric trains: The azzkicker (Maybe on whole day to completely finish), the new (to us) Haulster revitalization, and the new transportation’s fun quadracycle (this project shared for as much the social atmosphere in the local race care building shop liking in a way similar to a toy shop). Youser! They’s also my age’s toy trains. Damn if a second childhood isn’t a number of adult toy store adventures.
C…Co…Cold 26*>28* bone chilling wind chilled single digit temperature factors, outside. (brrr) It’s so cold here the house feels as though it is be bombarded with an east wind In reality our weather is moving over from a westerly west by northwest direction.
The building of a couple new super heavy duty hay-ring feeders is nowhere near the electric train adventure as the afore mention more useless (hush my mouth) projects.
For the boards:
Black Friday's no day to be out and about any city or town sporting a chain store outlet. All the women pushing and shoving, more women squeezing to get by.
What the _ell 'ave I been thinking, "Staying home?"
More on eating. The ham Frieda had prepared only a couple days ago was a very pleasant change from what could well a boring week of turkey leftovers. It was ham for last night’s supper. We enjoyed a peach strudel dessert along with our light supper. Later I raided the turkey platter for a small bedtime snack. Oh the misery in it all. I can already image all the weight I’ll have added on my aching joints, not to mention my bulk. I see a diet in my near future to have only find it a waste of time by the time two more Holiday feasts culminate with a lengthening hangover over my belt if I were to ever wear one again. (sigh)
My getting me together with Tom’s help, his showing up out here at either just the right or wrong time, I had him help me move a useful hay feeder, fill it with a dry bale, take away the hay ring the ladies near destroyed yesterday, and bring up two conduit hauling spools from out a big backyard‘s field. Finally on the road I brought the flat rack out of the eastern yard up at the barn down the road, unloaded it beside Bro’s growing burn pile, and brought it emptied back here. Using the JCB I loaded those two spools on it along with the one broken panel of the three that made up the whole of the broken ring.
Down at the shop setting up shop just outside the shop doors. The shop to my back breaking a sharp wind I commenced to take countless numbers of nuts and bolts apart to have eventually let that first spool collapse before me. That was one down and one to go. While I didn’t finish taking the second spool apart, I’ve got it worried! The time being moving faster and faster, my knees and claves giving me a variety of tell tale signs, It was time to ease off and head for home for a couple reasons. One was stopping by Loopy Acres and check estates Mistress and her life in the fast lane. She looked good, her eyes sparkling, and in good spirits in spite her accumulation of recent ailments. I predict she’ll shortly be good as new, if for no other reason other than she’s got to keep her men in line. ;^)) (hehehehe)
By gum the warmth of the house my walking in was a welcomed sensation making my skin percolate, seeping through my clothing warming my flesh all rosy down under. E-gads, for old times sake this warmth is not anywhere near the same what used to meet me at the door, sum years ago, my coming home after a long day’s labor. Oh yes she had kisses………..something better than wine.

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