Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tummy Good Edgemacation

“Hey, borscht is beet and cabbage soup, right. Around here corn bread goes with soup.” and “Just don’t forget the sour cream.”
What a body don’t learn snooping around peaking into other peoples internet kitchens. Frieda says, “Sounds good. I’ve got to make some that.”
Many Thanks Misery. However hope you don’t mind our making but one slight change? We scrub our root vegetables so as no to loose the vitamins and minerals on their earth contacted skins. And, perhaps by some kind of a mind quirk I swear the veggies taste better whole (with their hides on). How, do I like corn bread? Anyway Frieda wants to make it with or without the many in or on ingredient options.
It had not been a pleasant morning. Don’t get me wrong the morning’s weather was bright and biting day’s start, warming beautifully towards noon. But it is not the weather I am referring to. Up and out early enough to accomplish something in a big way went south. Argh! When I found I had only planted one bushel rye seed to the acre I decided to switch tractors for good reason. Starting the 4010 JD it needed help before it replaced the Ford. Plan was reseed yesterday’s foul up. Leaving warming JD behind I took Greene and wagon load of seed to the field. I brought the little Ford tractor back for the running JD. The seeder filled, my taking it for a turn around the field, the iron disk loaded up with dirt because the soil was to wet. Okay, checking JD’s fuel it could use some. Difficulty getting on and off the wagon I also wanted a step ladder. Disconnecting wagon my doing a “U turn, driving to close to the edge of the opposite side of the road Greene slid sideways as deep as it could into the ditch. Whoopee!.
Disconnecting the JD from seeder I drove the tractor home for a tow strap and chain (as I could not find a clevis). I grabbed me a step ladder as well hanging it on the JD’s top link for drive back. The strap and chain set for pulling Greene. With the JD’s help Greene came right up out of the ditch looking like gray muddy Hell having slid into the neighbor’s gray water. in my eyes. Oh Well. About the time I’d gotten everything back in order two volunteers showed up to assist me out of the ditch I no longer needed. Tom’s arrival on the scene I let him start the re-seeding while I lunched.
My getting back I was given the tractor back. Tom filled the seed hoper s couple times, went for diesel , and with a word or wave he I could only guess he’d split for more deer hunting. I finished seeding the field by myself. Remarkably the acreage and the seed came with a mere half bushel seed left over which I run out saving me cleaning out the seed boxes. Yup, required seed for acres planted just right at 5:30PM.
The seeder prepared for travel I brought it home. Took my rattlers, set for 15 minute, and walked back down the road for Greene. When a ride showed up I was but feet from where I need to step into field for truck and wagon. Feeling quite tired for lack a better descriptive word. I tidied thing up. It was close enough for a full day put in, rather than arguing with myself I quit. It wasn’t long before it were getting dark.

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Paula said...

Hummm soup and cornbread sounds good.