Saturday, November 27, 2010

Der cooken

In a skillet a-top the stove I made us an open faced kische with a side order of grated tator, and oat meal bread toast. ‘Oly crap, it turned out rather good.
I shure hope this doesn’t become hobbit forming. I much rather somebody else do the cooken, my eating it.
Wonder if I’ll have time to bake a pie today?
Now I’ve got to get out and feed the ladies. Time to open my oldest haylage cells. Now I’ve got to amble.
First out in the hay yard I opened and fed my first silage bale to the ladies. After that I put this morning’s time in at the shop finishing taking the second spool apart. Then sawed one spool side into usable project materials until about 1:00 PM. I think I’ll do the other side tomorrow.
My lunch was a broad daylight icebox raid. Then it were time I moseyed over to Otisville to pickup some called in scripts and fuel Greene before I was pushing it off the road. On way back home stopped and thanked Trapper agin for his helping me set those garden gate posts week before last. Getting home one long lost daughter had come to see us. And I threw a medium sized load of wood on Dumpy’s back. Then tried backing it close to the deck. I chiwawa, I backed up close alright knocking the deck almost clean around on the house’s corner’s. Oh well a chain hooking it to Dumpy back side will likely wind up pulling the deck to the middle of the front yard. Oh well, that’s still close if I don’t jerk it plum out of the yard. (grin)

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Paula said...

Been missin' you and Frieda's activities. Hope you all had a nice Thankdgiving. I did but glad to be home.