Friday, November 12, 2010

Taking inventory
I’ve been accused of getting into my own booze. Really. She’d finished off the Southern Comfort I hadn’t shared in for many years. Amazing how quickly that remained that bottle had gotten taken some months back. Purchasing another fifth for medicinal purposes I chose this time an imported Jamaican Rum for lets face it, it was cheap. I didn’t open it. I haven’t even sniffed the lid. Yet, I’m being accused of hitting my own bottle. This is to weird for words. I’m not the one making myself a Coffee Royal as has been the case with Her Mostess. Hmmmm! If I’ll ever try a sampling, I’d better be sampling it shortly if I‘m to even taste it. Can it be believed, I’ve encountered a very serious condition evidently troublesome to our home’s environment. We‘ve a serious evaporation problem.
Out even extra early to accomplish something, I just knew the day was going to be busted up but good. Not to be disappointed it was. I did manage to make some great head way with those barn doors. I got them as far along in less than two hours over what it might have taken me four hours late yesterday afternoon. Still have a number of details needing handling up there; but the repairs are looking good. Parts of a couple more days I may surpass the last time I had put in the Fall hours required to tidy up those nuisance fixes.
Handy, been found eligible for assistance we had to pick him up on the way to keep Fried’s medical appointment. Time in a crunch my plan was I drop him off first and go onto Frieda’s appointment. I don’t think we were 15 minutes total Frieda’s medical exam her knee surgeries. Frieda taken care of we had some time to kill before picking up, Handy. Went by Thrifty Acres (was along the way) my treating Frieda to more yarn, and stupid ear rings. Sheesh! They don’t do a thing for me. Okay, out of there Frieda has lately making some funny noises about wanting some broasted chicken. Well at least deep fried a quit stop by Long John’s for two take outs we were right on time for picking up, handy, or were we? Michigan’s Family Independent Agency was still cooling Handy’s heals in the waiting room. He wasn’t called in for his appointment for over two hours later. To add insult to gross lack of respect, They kept Handy another hour for an in depth interview.
Son of a gun! Try to do a neighbor a good turn and the establishments system has no respect for time those trying to help another out what so ever. All told I dangerously put up with ten miles hellish traffic, and almost (Hell, all afternoon) time lost I could really have used around the farm buildings. Bureaucracy sucks, I had no idea my helping hand time was so very worthless. I lost the entire day from (say) 2:00 o’clock on.
Stopped by to see my seamstresses, including buying a loaf of bread for cash back on a purchase, so I could pay the ladies their efforts to keep me comfortable. Wow! An aged barnyard tux has been given another year’s lease for my Winter’s use. My second pair of bibs have gotten the knees padded. My quoted cost (bill) handed me a month ago was at $25.00. Today I was charger $15.00. I tried pointing out her short changing herself and I was denied or retold the bill $15.00 was correct. Okay, Another pair pants to go, I’ll be back to see these lovely ladies again and again. ;^)
Getting home scarily more than an hour before dark I gave it up. Unloaded truck. Took a walk out to see the two ladies with their latest calves.
And, all was quiet in the Western pasture as may be seen above.

It would appear Fall is definitely giving way to Winter……
….my imaginatively seeing all these empty bleachers without playing fields. Picture taken out side Thrifty Acres this afternoon.

This scooter catching my eye I had to take a closer look…..
……and found it to be a Schwinn. I’d guess Schwinn bicycles aren’t an alone mode of peddled transportation anymore. An engine has been added. I like the color. Can’t help being noticed.
Well, for a lost day, taking in some of the sights wasn’t all that bad.

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Donna said...

Ah, who cares who had a nip? At our ages, we must seek any comfort we can find.