Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11-16-2010 Fitting it in

Fitting it all in can make for a full day; yet, while fitting farm activities altogether it doesn’t outside (offsite) influences interfere with my minds sanctity. It’s like I made a call to fit in my eye care and had an appointment days ahead what I thought it take to have my derriere sitting in the eye fitting cheaters seat. Now I wait for them to be made now excitedly waiting to see an improvement in what vision I have left. Today’s unplanned surprise was spending 90% of my day’s hours waiting for the Boss Lady’s blood report.
It was a wonder I got and finished as much maintenance time I managed to fit all I had done today in. What’d I do? I finally put together the upper barn’s back door track stop, and the closed door striker. Following this I added a couple pieces 1”x6” treated lumber patches strengthening cracked element compromised: one a cracked member, the second adding substance to a worn bottom member its closure red sitting perching (a sort of tighter striker fitting).
Four assorted tool boxes five buckets more tools, very varied bolts and nuts, and miscellaneous preconceived fitting use components for working doors and gates. I saw the whole menagerie of varied container puzzle as to which container was holding the hardware for the current needs attention completion. What a mess? Greene backed up to the shop the afternoon hour growing late (now that we’ve had the damnable government authorized time change) I continued my hustle to finish this days activity change so to be home before dark.
Sheesh! There are times like these I feel as though I’m treating myself as a child! Is this just another aspect associated with an adult’s digression into the proverbial child like state?

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