Tuesday, January 18, 2011

going down time

If I get anything said here it will be a mirical of sorts.
Thie computr so virus infected thare all most a continioue time my even getting on here to say we'll be down for a while.
Geene is in neighbors shop rying out for a miride pile of repairs. inside and dry thats where it is going to remain untill fully repaired.
Our medical appointments continue going on. Cycling recycling transportation is a very time consuming afair some days. a snap others.
Sitting inthe middle of s possible sleet storm getting out for five stops that could go undone could br thr sum of this day. Med appointments to morrow morning, on way home have one more Greene truck to posssibly bring home requiring a rebuilb even for its reuse. Wish I could get on and share written and rad (red) adventures the length and bradthour grand country and will be sorrily missed.
Any one knowing my othere couplr hsng out ou plresepass this glad news along. I can just emagine all the joyious parties celebrating my absence. bu with the grace of all the Gogs, Moter Suprior, and mother nature, I shall return. (hehe) LOL
Even as I write this I'm being warned i'm bad and xhould be closed.

I love all the ladies who've loooked in and Frieda's onna have to do with more the loco hugs and we''ve got thr loco'd around here to prove them.
Bye for now. will be back when all conditions permit
May the all be blessed under many "Rainbows."


Sue said...

Hurry back, hope the dr appts go well. You will be missed.

Paula said...

You know good and well you will be missed.