Sunday, January 9, 2011

1-7-2011 Finished wit

Didn't get far today. Nect is already paining me where else? In the neck.
Dug up some bills, wrote checks, licked envelopes, and stamps. Was done in nothing flat. Didn't take near the time to do this old fashion way than as compared to my uncountable hrs spent banking the other day. Really, who needs it?
Filled-in/filled-out/fill-new pages for my next physical examination. 32 of them no less. about the only thing they didn't ask was if I brushed my teeth before going to bed.
I almost feel as if I've got cramped hands. This studious hand writing. Studied Greene damage again today. I think I can make fix. I have worked on worse.
Sun shining I took a splendid walk down the road to mike's. Gave back books to Annie Frieda had borrowed. Bless her heart Annie refilled the bag. I had even taken a carrier of small sized wine bottles with. What I didn't polish off I set in his pop machine. (They're kinda like samplers if they last that long. Frieda made me take a nap. While I was out like a light, Frieda never bothered to wake me. I could have at least tried to have gotten under foot.
AND, the biggy, I added 2 new #'s on my cell ph.

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Paula said...

Maybe Frieda wanted you out from under foot. Better then the skillet.