Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hope I'm Forgiven

1-2-2011 MD or OD
Suffering for my MD DO vacationing sawr bones…….Hey, I’ve gotten a Hell of a salivation’s idea. Lets start by backing up any wreak; the one I happen to be driving at the time;……I be hanged I can wait another eight days for what I think may be an inner ear infection treatment from my family doctor, so I’ve been looking for the next closest medicinal fractional practitioner within a reasonable distance my domicile for a simple written prescription help.
OMG, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, or Lawd Help Me…….I was referenced to a doc who’d done a super marvelous job of taken care of this other guys first three pregnancies??? To good to be so, I marked him off my list…….Next I was referred to a Dr Melody Nicely wasting very litle time not bothering to ask me about my symptoms nor waisting any time over family history. Well now while she may have been a looker via some circles eyes I got out if there before she got down to examining my embarrassments…… Next Doc highly recommended by his having a lavish office took a great deal of concern in how much my SSI was reinforcing my income per month, and naturally after checking out the minimum balances my Medicare minimums, I was surprised by his care in not over burdening me with excessive billings I’d have had no way of paying regardless. Particularly over confident in his many avenues waiting/digging into to many might be only not yet problems, I figured I already been delving into more than a half dozen medications without a dozen more. Maybe I had him wrong, but I’m just not to sure I may even want to go back, regardless the very handy MTA bus stops at my disposal. …… The last suggested a-MD had a walk up office with a very sturdy handrailling both sides the vertical wacky hall way with the lumpy floor (depending on the hour or day a person might be looking at it or even trying to negotiate it). This questionably almost registered MD with a DA’s close coldflaberation with the FDA, CIA, FBI, interest in his success; meanwhile, for a mere $100.00 bucks any potent patent could get an MMS card.
With any luck at all I should find me a substitute MD DO practicing physician by a week from next moondy and with a proper prescription I shall then be on the road to recovery. Meantime there are at least three competent knowledgeable farm hands doing my usually single handedly handled chores. Kept so busy doing what little I normally do not one of then have the time to even stop in to see if we need anything. Butt, I’m hanging in thus farr with Herr Clink’s backed up with a Mr. Skillet’s insistence I’m using the walker taking absolutely all the fun out of betting upon where I may literally land next.
Why do wives to often insist upon taking all the fun out of walker racing about the house? Argh!

I be damned if that ain't a godd idear! Now I'm Just wondering how the Hell I put about 200 quick pounds additional to make them dosages come out just about right.

Got another problem. Wondering if I should give sparky a call to take an empty my ashes out. I also need to get down to barn for another fire starten 2 qt bottle fire making starter erl. Getten my arse dumped in the house twice already today, don't know it be be safe for me to try and walk that ice down to the barn and back. Should I fall it'd be hard tellen when we'd get a wind switch to blow me back home. Steel got enough wood in houswe for few more days but got no place to put the ashes rat all the buckets full.

Got sweet-tator pie, some left over cottage cheese, a fresh backed cherry pie, and the last of the eggnog left over fore supper. eaten's good for tonight for supper tonight.

Damned if I wish my snow shoes weren’t two miles away they might have helped my get around better out in the yard better until I get my balance back.
Wishing ya all “Rainbows.”

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Paula said...

For goodness sakes Fernan be careful. Hope Frieda does keep the skillet handy.