Wednesday, January 5, 2011

!-5-2011 Not sure what day it is

I've been outside all morning just staying upright. Frieda on my ass for falling down in the house. It's somethings have got to be done. Somebody moved my truck for me other day so they could grindawa and walked away leaving key on. Charger been on it for last 8 hrs or more starter does do a thing. Could be the bright ones left the key on and the 2yr old battery has froze.
Somebody had promised to put my trash out this week. stuff stacked to darnd high the house has never looked so beter.Got at best maybe 2mo days wood in house, if truck don't start by then its gonna be a whole lot of walking.
Doctors know no more about my head; and, my swggering is going on 5wks. Some call it drug over dose.....Could well be my end coming up. Truckster loaded with wood refused to start so its no help to me neither.Frieda's bitching....She's sitton on her __ and I'm tryng to do all the work. Kitchen cleaned some. Got to be creful some bending over don't keep me right on going.
My puter's cooked out so I'm on borroewd one. Can't rmember home site so if anybody reds this pass along all the sunshine and pretty gitls I wish I was seeing. Even if i'm down to only looking until I need a corrective len's.
Every body take care, keep your home stead warm and some tea water by the fire for me.

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Paula said...

Tea water is on. Load Frieda up and come on over.