Wednesday, January 26, 2011

thinking Spring & Summer

We're running more than a couple 1850's. We're a decrepit lot of handycapers. The old 90 hp class Ollie's about handle every machine on the farm. We've one fixed up odd ball Leland (badly mutilated by accident) for the grinder/mixer. It's more than enough 72hp for the job a WD45 can easily handle. It's fuel consumption issue between these two tractors, a can-a-gas every WD45 grinding. a couple cans diesel almost all winter long the Leland's grindings. As for more than one 1850, if one breaks down we've another one just like replacement. Being handicappers some immediate repairs may be beyond our immediate scope. As for haying perhaps little hp's needed for a light crop. Our equipment Vermeer's 605 & 554, Hesston's 1014 & 1345, These Ollie's with their more than enough weights with pulling and braking horses handle these machines through all conditions imaginable, up'n'down hills, slow starting a bale in a heavy crop with instant hydra or over-under shifting to moving it right along without gear shifting once the bale's started. Most embarrassing easy running Ollie running the 1345 can sure find me cutting off more than either baler can chew. The WD45 1st tractor on the farm been up-graded to a more powerful/heavier hp instant starting gas utility tractor capable of getting me out of Winter and Spring troubles as well as there for the yearly Spring forestry windfall cleanups (Winters firewood supplies) about fence lines (windrows, wildlife habitat) field and woodlots edges, then towing haywagons.
Sorry my long winded view. Just can't beat an 1850 for haying!
You betch-a, I know how to crank her up, I can get her started!
Plan was to pick up few groceries after med appointments over with. Even before leaving home, Frieda tells me, “I need a new hair brush.” I come back with, “Can you use one out of the tack box?” While I LOL, she fumed grumbling in no uncertain terms. Oh boy! This’d been a good maker-up-er one 20 yrs ago.
After the grocery store, I stopped us by the drug store for Frieda a new hair brush, same brand dairy milk’s lower price, and found I could buy more paper plates for less money at drugstore. Frieda’s comment, “You can always find things cheaper at the drug store especially right after you’ve bought it all at the supper market!”
Home-made sub for lunch with green bean salad, tropical fruit cup, and milk. I gotta have my milk. Then went to toting in all kinds firewood: elm, oaks, ash, iron wood, maple, cherry, box-elder, and some drying out standing poplar. I carried about almost a whole old Topper movie played on TV before I took first break. Wood-hauler more than half unloaded. All that time my secret Sweetheart tried using all here feminine while’s to get me down in the barn with her. Numerous hugs, trying to get my attention with some patty cakin‘. Even this time of year having round baled everything last Summer there’s no loose nor smaller square baled hay or straw in that barn. She just wanted me to give her something while I fed the rest the cats as well. Hussy!
Cats taken care of moving on I caught up feeding the ladies. Then finished carrying my my fire wood. I finished filling the house about two wheelbarrow loads what I’d like to have done and was very surprised that I had brought more in than I thought I had loaded upon the hauler.
I’m still fighting with this cussed putter. I/2 my Email’s screwed up, unable to down load my camera, and look smarter than I am. I was going to say something else and lost right in the middle of the thought. BUMMER!!!!

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