Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some admissions

So, today's written 2 part.....
This computer is still down as far as I’m concerned. I had managed to save all my writing and some pictures. Everything else is gone. I had found on “C” drive an original copy of my computer’s original systems. I managed to set that little bit of wedge on my hard drive, formatted the rest of it and now starting over. Worst part I don’t remember where I could immediately lay my hands on all the books when needed. Such is the goofy way I do things. So, because I have so many irons in the fore, so to speak, it’ll some long bunches of days before I’m a full fledged nuisance, why hadn’t he been right on lost. Dumb me I forgot to set aside all my favorite sites. I remembered most and I am peeking in, as a silent observer.
In one my yesterday’s moment’s, taken inventory one more time I found while I didn’t have all the matching parts I had wanted for my Quadracycle I found I was in better shape than I had thought. While it may take a wee bit ingenuity to put two odd pieces together, there’s the fun in this building project. WOW! When Greene’s out of the shop, I’ve still got my winter project to keep me evening wrenching. Glory be! Sometimes it only takes a couple moments to look about us to look over our blessings. What a wonderful, as it is filled may be physical and/or emotional. It’s such a wonderful gift not to waste a single day of it. For there are many corners to turn for dreams and love. Lawd, don’t waste a single one of them.
What the H___ do these guys think, I am and around the clock machine? Worked Truck all day, now sitting here reworking putter, could even go into all night? Well if it do, it do!
Frieda is trying to tell me it isn’t the secret ingredients in her tomatoes sauces sickening me. Now that’s just plain watch-dog hockey on sheer ice. She blaming my upset stomach up on the tea I’m drinking. Well I ain’t admitting to anything. But, understand just the same, I’ve cut the tea in my tea water by half. I think it one of Herr Clink’s ploys to make me leave more tea for an Englishman to drink. One thing sure this ain’t no Boston tea party. I wasn’t there. Now I’m objecting ti her messing in mine. But she’s raising my ire just the same. She’d just better be careful trying to come between me and my tea pot. grumble, grumble, growl, growl!)
3:30 PM Greene rolled out of mike’s shop and done to soon. He’s orders for three race cars. Come spring I’ll finish up the mechanical odds and ends first for comfortable riding/driving. As Summer gets on I’ll try to take on the cosmetic surgery. The least of it, it feels good having my wheels under me again.
5:00 PM Greene’s sitting down by the barn all unloaded. Truck inside and out at least swept as clean as it is going to get for awhile.

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