Monday, January 17, 2011

True confessions

I sort-a written two confessions and when I got down to the bottom line last night I didn’t post either post then. Might say they were even a little to racy for me, and via true confessions and that’s no exaggeration.
LOL, truthfully I had more or less written more than one story as I usually (or separate entries) as I often do. This cussed computer still acting up in sort-a driving me nuts. It’s coming along as long a a board don’t crack and let the whole machine down.
I really put more effort into fixing this thing than I already have if it weren’t for two other what I considered important issues these days. 1st, the more important one is our aging healths, I I’ve either two or three appointments starting a 7:30 AAM this wed morning. 2nd, problem neding immediate attention is any one of our modes of transportation workable for out very seasonable weather. Greene’s parked at Mike’s so I’m not collecting more wheel thrown snow up in the wheel wells.
Regardless the either the displacement or loss of my journals last offering the computer’s healing possesses are coming along very nicely.
one more thing I hope my written efforts haven’t made a written liar out of me.

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