Saturday, January 8, 2011

11-8-2011 What else

It is so very pretty here. An absolutism gorgeous winter wonderland.
I can't get a single thing here to run. The new engined Cushman started ti late just as cold weather nailed it, so I can't warm it up enough to even fine tune it. Then for what ever reason The WD45 refuses to start for me ths AM. Carburetor likely frozen. Greene truck won't start my trying every trick in the book and some dtill unwritten and it won't go. I suspect it needs a new set of spark plugs. Hard telling the last it had had a set put n it.
Being the weekend with more than enough help down at the other end I hear tell they's need none of my help to fix it. Now I'm wondering just what they meant by that?
I've been outside feeding animals and moving the charger from engine to engine and back again. The diesel's plugged in and only enough grain for a two bag mix. Oh well, such is the way Bro' does things. A two bag mix won;t last long. One sneaky thing I did I aded a quart of gas and a cup of alcohol to the diesel's fuel tank to prevent any fuel filter jelling.
Not yet noon and I'm ready for an afternoon nap. About an hour to go on the charger I'll wait until the charger's been put back inside. All for now I diffidently need to find something else to fill my winter boredom.

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