Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just another day

Just another day to wake up to Frieda having already forgotten to tell me to get the trash out after I had finally gotten the Ladies water cooler thawn out. Should of seen them last night, so many of them gathered around the site to discuss yesterday’s activity. It was a sight to see.
I’ve already had two lucky moments go my way this very AM. I’d found the misplaced servo I had had a ride to go get last night. I’d never have misplaced it while getting out Frieda’s useless vacuum cleaner hose, one. The same hose I carried outside and hadn’t even used.
The other equally important before a house exiting meeting the elements of the day, I actually figured out how to put that stubborn utility knife back together. To fully assemble it I had to put it together upside down, roll it over for inserting the only assembly screw what held it all together.
My assumption, It must have been put together by two Chinamen south of the Equator. One of them assembling it, the other one screwing it up from down under.
Now if I can get dressed correctly without mommy’s help? Then just as soon as dawn starts squeaking over the eastern horizon I’ll still be warm enough to momentarily grab the spool of twine just out side the door for the final gift wrapping touches I weekly add to/for our roadside trash pickup.
Could be I’m already looking like another fun day ahead of me. (written 7:25 AM this very same date) LOL
Holy smokem’s. As naughty as I was, out so late last night figuring I’d have to settle in for a thawing vigil over the water fountain’s survival, before I had accumulated a couple new ideas: turn up furnace, find hose, grab a folding chair, I had rolled me a smoke. All the new ideas coming to light under the night’s darkness and springing (allow me one old lie once in a-while) and spring into action I never got it lit. Viva la grand-a I had another smokeless day.
“Dirty Diapers.” I had gotten the trash out. I was ready for breaking-fast. I’d worked up an appetite. It’s spose get up around 30* temps, warned a chance of freezing rain, is this gonna be our January thaw? (written 8:10 AM this very same date) LOL
It’s 12:10 PM just walked in. have just finished putting half the new sparkplugs in the easy side of Calico’s V8 engine. 27* noticeable wind to me at least sheltered on two sides the barn yard. Just decided it a good time for lunch before something’s broken. That’s quitting for lunch while I’m ahead.
It’s almost 6:30 PM. Been in for a little while. Changing Calico’s last four sparkplugs were easier to change than the first four. Trial drive got Calico in shop and replaced actuator for the 4x4 driving. I think the part failed to fix the problem. Nuts. Starting and running easier. Put a load of firewood on hauler and backed it up to deck. Fed the ladies, all of them appearing happy seeing me. Feeling somewhat worn down I come in before sundown for a change. I even brought in all the walking canes Frieda’s asked about. Missing them its her fault insisting my taking one each time I go outside. Trying to get in her head I find knee relief with cane’s use on longer walks.
While eating my supper I sat here able to see the single smoke I hand rolled yesterday. Well I didn’t smoke it then, still haven’t smoked it to day.
Calico running we each a med appointment to keep in Otisville tomorrow morning.. She needs a few groceries, so for convinces sake we’ll shop Otisville’s supper market. Can’t justify driving an extra 12 mile trying to save a few pennies wasting the gas, Soooooo!
I need to carry in some wood. I don think there’s a whole wheel burrow’s load in the house this evening. Few arm full’s will surely carry us through morning. Besides wood toting 10 min or so at a time is much easier than 30 to 40 min all at once. Of-course I want to work on my latest Cushman if I can find it. The troops had found it more convenient to stack it a mess for me to take ca of rather than put whatever they where through with away.
Tonight’s dessert was a tasty one. For Christmas someone had gifted us a fancy box of mixed chocolates. The first half of the box was edible for a couple of gummers, but the second half loaded with nuts, peanuts mostly, I suggested putting them in the blender. It took a bit of grind/mixing longer than the usual and came out as a good ice-ream topping, something liken a dab of peanut butter thrown in.

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