Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weather’s gorgeous

Daytime temperatures running average 27*. A delightful temperature one needn’t dress beyond capability to move and low enough to hold for us what little snow we’ve been blessed with. We’ve perhaps all of about 3” snow laying around what hasn’t been driveways or yards what hasn’t been traffic packed. We’ve been daily blessed with an immeasurable (if it counts) snow flurry looking something like a miniaturized lumpy frost. Winter days like these we’ve had over the last couple weeks. Mother Nature has been easier on us thus far than most east and southern USA communities.
Computer’s still nuts my having 3 more related puter problems. It needs cleaning and re-inking. Can’t find my books or down load with out numbers. My ID compromised over shadows printer as well as everything else.
If I thought it do any good I’d purchase another operating program, then re-format my hard drive and start all over again. The last I’d rather have a professional do!
Had some serious running to do to day. By the time I got back it were past 2:00 PM. Had lunch and sat a spell trying my luck at puter fix for a few minutes. Nothing solved started chores. By the time I had covered two farms it was 4:00 PM, hardly enough time to start anything new Sundown’s start only a n hour away. Tried puter fix again and finding I know more and more less about it all the time.
About time it were good and dark I made myself comfortable for supper. Ate , then realized I hadn’t even kept one my promises. Redressed and walked over to mike’s to at least settle what he’d laid out for Calico’s parts he furnished. At that I forgot to take a phone number Frieda wanted me to give Annie. Just shows I guy can’t get it right every time. Mike had gotten me another mirror what definitely has some rather interesting mounting possibilities for designing a mirror mount making it universally functional both sides a hay mowing tractor so’s to help relieve the pain making turning my head facing crop harvesting less required.

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