Thursday, January 6, 2011

1-6-2011 Today....

.....whatever day it is....I was been what and at them since 9:00 AM ans I can't ever remember that late hour unless it were vacatio time some years ago going along with the trades I worked at that time.
This malady is driving me nuts not that it'd take much more to get me there. Tom's taking care of the animals bless his heart.
Still no info back from MRI middle of the other night. Middle of the night??? Might it be possible they didn't want me seen either coming or going. I'll give all the young women working their horror shift they were nice to me. Still sleeping with the heated grains from my friends down in the rice patties. My medications have been changed and I'm sure they're not working as the supposed to. Neck hurting and is lowly stiffening up again. May call doc tomorrow. Frieda's decided she can't handle he laundry anymore (again). o I took On the dungeon stairs with a great amount of reserve. MADe it both ways without loosing it, 2 loads at that. What she didn't know was after she had retired early I I fell up her tomore times, uncontrolably catching myself wheeling over backwards. Thems some trips. Thank fully thee wood stove wasn't up to full blast as I managed one hand on it sio not to strick my head. Stove cool enough I managed to twist myself with some effort so I could pus myself back up. Although through that course of time that warm big old stove was the warmest thing I've had an unsolicited hug...opps... hold of in some timeI managed to cleam some house. Had both chargers in turn on greene truck's started. still don't if its salvage able it took a freezing beating four for days.
My main effort today is Ive got to get some wood into house. Even if its in short shifts. Put it on a truck, back truck to deck and carry it in spells.
Pills taken, got to at something nw, then threaten wood pile. It don't help any the shacks becoming progreeively worse. Luckily I haven't beat myself with a piece of wood and delightfully forgotten who or where I yam?
All for now maybe see ya's later upon a turn around.

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