Sunday, January 9, 2011

1-9-2011 Ain't easy MaGee

Ain't easy MaGee
Sure ain't easy getting back home (board). First off it only took me some time within a weaks length to be learn't I can't use my own name because it already belongs to me. Personally I'm seeing all this new fuss as perhaps a ploy to cause me to give upon any comment I might have wanted to say forgotten before I forgotten what it was I wanted to say to begin with, I think?

I want to thank my parents for having had no more sense than they had misstakenly bringinging me into the world. I want to thank, uh what's her name for having entraped me in this institution where in I may call home if I've made entry with a mean skilleted kaw-whopping I most likely had coming, and of course all those short minded folk who have never had any better sense than having red me before they had realized what they've been doing.

Lastly and most importantly I wish Roberts in GA and NY as we all fearfully face the future for I also fear my own pain easied days ahead without a cippling end.

respectfully denied once more
AKA Fernan

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