Saturday, January 29, 2011

soap box and stuff

we're not far from you. had trouble with Consumers some years ago. They sent out an engineer as we weren't the only ones experiencing stray voltage.
I've got some shop work I have and want to get to. your equipment unfamiliar with me as well as your written terms I'll have to look it up later.
Meanwhile we've had to isolate every electrical circuit on the farms. We've ground rods enough driven if melted down and the metals re-rolled we've driven would be enough ground rods to stamp out a new pickup. Three rods for every fence charger. One rod for each and very circuit breaker box , in house (one twice) barn, shed, what ever. each service must have its own set of ground rods. Electrical power, telephone, cable, and of course the fence chargers and anything I've forgotten.. no-way may utilities share a ground rod.
I can think of only two more possibilities? you need to move your feeding area. the cows urine has earth so saturated with salty urine the earth (soil) may be carrying stray voltage.
Some years ago when living in South Haven Michigan a highly humid area along the Lake Michigan shore line (ideal fruit belt and vegetable belt area under that humidity) I had seen high-line towered power lines glow in highly humid conditions.
I and my paying guests had personally witnessed my Charter boat clocked in an eerie electrical charge everything glowing under a pinkish charge. If we were going to blow there was little I could do about it. we were six miles out of port.
Personally I think you need to move the feeding area to drier ground (un-heavely urinated upon) for another important possible try.
Have seen and heard those same power-lines interfere with am radio transceivers, also causing much interference with near by TV reception.
If your charger is connected to your power's same ground rod separate. they must not share the same ground as feed-back will assuredly happen if not already.
Sorry so long winded power sources and fence chargers drove us nuts for years.
I didn’t much of anything today. To damned lazy I’d guess. Picked up, sorted around the house, through out some useless papers for fire starting kindling.
Halleluiah! I found one of my computers books and the manufacture’s numbers (I hope?) for proof positive this thing is purchased registered to me and I’m entitled to download duh product’s drivers via email. Whooppeee! Still need to find all assessorial discs. Using them often easier for my reloading than kissing manu’s azzes.
Well, I’ve got more sorting and trash heaving to do. I think I’m actually making some blind headway.
It’s getting around to rattlers time. Been doing them earlier last couple months because I get so durn famished waiting for the schooled old hours I was brought up in once upon a time. Writing this early for a break I’d better be getting busy before my last hour and a half of light is lost. Chow!

A addendum: While going through an odd lot of boxes I found an old 1956 Flint phone book, an 1941 World Atlas, An old 1958 Esquire magazine that might have come from grandpa’s barbershop, and a 2004 50th anniversary Playboy. Good gosh We can’t keep all these books. These and many more around the house I may give them to the county Library some fit for genealogy study. I think (wink) I’ll hang onto the Playboy is spite the eye strain.
Darn it, Frieda found skating on TV. Ice dancing, the women so beautifully costumed, the guys in all their muscular support, lifts and holding all those absolutely gorgeous girls to look their bests. Myself uninterested in all this icy flu-flu I go find a sort during commercials. Wow, I’ve no idea how many stray CD, DVD, CDR, I’ve found. Peeking in on some of them it seems I’ve saved some good stuff. Most of it makes me laugh. Drat it, I wish these girls (women’s skaters) would quit falling down. My butt’s beginning to hurt and I’m only watching? LOL

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