Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1-31-2011 Been Busy Bee
TV Wedder channel says it it’s Monday. TV also says 32 states under a new storm watch. We’re about to get a predicted whole one inch of new storm snow today/tonight. Supposed to either have or receive 10-12 inches snow by Wednesday. When I’ve gotten my shoes on, and I don’t want to put my shoes on, I’ll do the laundry I told the big boss. She needn’t have cheered! She ain’t Dallas Cow Girl cheer leader stock anymore!!!!!!! LOL
Didn’t write nothing for yesterday, so here it is. Drove down to Bro’s got stuck in his driveway. Shoveled my way out and came back home. Checked out mountains of CD-R’s. Some, Gladly about all of real interest hsd saved all my writings. Read some, even enjoying myself. Unreal some the hot/cold, sweet/sour, funny/tearful. I enjoyed some good laughs. All that she yet came out of me? Good bunch of farm pictures. Sheesh, those pictures brought back some memories, some stories, some events, a lot of them covering many interests.
I called in my scrips yesterday, Frieda refused to answer me then. This morning she decides she needs hers called in. Why, oh why, couldn’t she have answered me my question covering her needs. I think I’d better be finding her one them $19.95 up to $39.95 (allowing for some inflation) hearing aids. Patents running out on a lot of them things, The western Pacific rim is make and marketing hearing aids in every rag catalog what gets stuffed in our mail box.
We’re waking up to zero temps this morning. Weather man talking a lots of snow this week. Some stiffening or would that be freshening breezes/winds by tomorrow night. That could mean some serious snow drifting our roads, driveways, and the hay yard. I might better take some compass readings off the deck positioning the firewood piles for future references to refuel our heating needs. Could be Thursday I may be plowing snow once more. I’d better see if I may move one old Ollie out of a targeted area for snow pilling. I’d better also inventory milk supplies if we must hunker down for a few days. The snows we got yesterday have stuck to everything making it a Holiday Greeting card in every direction a person may look. Some merchants heavily advertising snowmobile deals suckering all the dumb-assed buyers they can con. I might better mark our location in that Old World Atlas I found the other day.
Oh and one more thing, Tas (the abandoned calico kitten I brought in form the wood pile givening me a hard time yesterday. Me smarter, Me supporter this household, Me bigger after her trying to boss me and over take over the house, I grabbed her by the nap of her neck and walked her down and threw her butt into the barn. Let her try and boss those seven veterans around down there. If she survives her new ordeal, she’ll be one tough future mama breeder for more barn cats. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her.
~~~(Morning written-more this evening!)~~~
Oops…..Morning after again. Well I didn’t finish anything yesterday: picked up medications before expected snow storm moves in, half the laundry’s done, still got-a lot-a CD’s to check, forgot to check oils in Calico and JD loader. Did top JD’s fuel off and brought empty hay wagon home, the troops leaving that with a flat tire on it. They’s so good to me, making sure I always got some of the fixings to do. LMAO.
All for now. Date change and I’ve got another day to get further behind.

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