Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Was a super day today. I slipped on up to mikes and worked on my Quadra-cycle. Got-a tell ya I had me a supper time. It has been so long since I had paid any attention to it it almost seems criminal I should find my enjoyment my spare time making or rebuilding something.
I suppose there’d be those who’d suggest I had participated in a treasonable act, give little more than making a deposit in the warm castles Library. I’d always found myself unfulfilled having wasted the time I could have done something worthwhile, constructive, or lasting. Watching sports for hours sitting transfixed to a boob tube under a hypnotic trace and sucking suds one ain’t but going to pee away sooner than later watching so called civilized gladiators, beat the hell out of each over a quarter having been lost in a stupid toss. These guys beating, bruising, punishing each other over possession of a hog hide had never made any sense to me. Then we’re supposed to feel sorry for these so caused crippled up athletes before their times. This game makes absolutely no sense to me. Watching these gridiron gladiators makes about as much sense as playing Canasta.
Now, give me a bicycle race, skaters, a golf game competing with yourself. Maybe if you’re a sitting on your dead arse all day individual (leave me out) an athletic event he’s competing only with himself causing not another a battered pain. If we have to have civilized social games make them something the likes of cribbage or players knowing their financial limits reading their cards, playing the odds, and reading their social table companions mannerisms for the win. These were my playing fields of play win or loose, poker or better yet no money down cribbage.
You’ll already know I’ve had a great day, playing with my Quadra-cycle. I tuned two crankshafts readied to weld for the bike‘s common jackshaft and more or less have set in my mind the pair steering bell-cranks I must make. Weather’s warmed up considerable, the cows are off their feed, the fire’s burning bright and warm upon hearth, and falling snow is melting on contact. Why I can even see some the steel or shingles upon the roofs. I’m daily being reminded Valentine’s Day is coming up, and those reminders include today just before and after a short afternoon snooze.

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