Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Maple syrup
The following mixture as I make it for my Frieda and myself her gout and our arthritis’s for a congenial all day sip.
A dash of raw apple cider vinegar
A dash of cherry juice
Some ginger powder
Top off wit Cream soda
Pour into a tall pint mason jar the first two vinegar and cherry dashes, shake in a half dozen shakes ginger powder, stir well, and top glass off with cream soda. Stir once more, sip through out the day and cover to keep, if you’ve got them, the cussed box-elder bugs out of your brew.
Now wondering if I shall add either a dill pickle slice or a stuffed olive making it a genuinely tall high class cocktail?
If it were the later I could more’r’less suggest we’ve started our happy hour earlier.
Hello Maple Syrup
Setting the scene. Kitty-corner our (my) two room school there was Mr. Clark’s Mill. Powering the mill, during that time my family lived but two miles away, he had sitting inside his mill housed a (to me) a gigantic steam engine that had in its young years had travel about this area with a separator threshed grains (potential straw) for their grains (seeds). Mr. Clark’s milling schedule: M-W-F he sawed logs into lumber. T-T-S he grown grain. Saturdays were special to me as dad would occasionally fill a couple gunny sacks with ear corn and we’d go to the mill. One sack for chicken feed the corn was taken off the cob and the kernels cracked. The second sack (or two for the two cows) was ground into meal including the cob. While the corn was being processed I thoroughly examined that old traction engine to the fullest during sums of those years.
Now getting down to the nitty-gritty it be about this time of year all the maple trees lining the roads leading into Lacota Michigan were tapped with hollow wooden notched pegs with numerous pails hanging from those pegs notches. What a sight, big trees big enough to fill two or three or four pails. Those pails emptied about every other day (so many of them) were taken to Mr. Clark's mill where they were all poured into a very large steel sparkling clean watering tank with a pipe plumbed several turns from end to end fed steam off the traction engines boiler, six days a week, from inside the building. The trees tapped, steam rising off that tank, while we weren’t supposed to, some of us taking turns would think we were sneakily crossing that main county roads intersection to check on the yearly maple syrup boil. The sights, sound, and scents, intrigued our noses. It was a grand place to be all of us reminded Spring was not far away.
Outside we have had more wet snow spattering over might. I say spattering as it wasn’t dry snow flacks nor luscious wet rain drops, but rather something in between. It is slippery out there. While surfaces don’t look like rain polished surfaces they’re a greasy slip and slid slippery accident waiting to happen. It wont be a fit day for walking. A body must drive or ride to safely get anywhere.
Taking dumpy truck wheels off I found the offending wheel grabbing part I wrestled the wrench until the bolts submitted my twisting them off and out. Calling parts outlet there might have been a new one on the shelf. Asking Anne for a ride she took me to Otisville. It was the wrong part, the correct one will not only be in tomorrow it’ll be delivered.
The sun off in the SW skies the afternoon turning evening a chill filled the air upon my return. Was time for my rattlers anyway, then pick-up , put tools away, call it a day, and take another sip.
Of-course I had some help taking the truck apart, properly supervised and all. Sweetheart was right there the whole distance my laying on my back in the water and snow her conscientiously sitting on my chest so’s I didn’t slip or slid away.

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