Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February already

Glad February is here. The shortest month of the year means Spring is all the closer. Got-a tell you, there are days even I like some of my whacky thinking.
Woke up at proper time, stayed in my cocoon wrap until furnace’s running way-way to long finally got me out of bed. Plenty of wood coals, all I needed do was throw some wood in its open mouth to warm it up. It just keeps on burning the wood pile stocks, I must replenish next summer.
I’ve got a terrible admition to make. Sort-a glad Chip has had to cut way back on his wood chopping for his health’s reason. Personally, I enjoy cutting down, cutting up only a tree or two at a time keeping it me an easier controlled time to pick up clean up the downed tree’s area. First woods taken care of fields and yards, fence lines, and windbreaks windfalls. Again, any extras one at a time. Sides, I like cleaning up trees already downed in the wood lots. If a dead tree’s standing, Chip thought he had to cut it down. Me, my thinking, its dry firewood standing upright in dry storage. I’d like to see my biggest wood lot cleaned up and a couple trails cut through it for drives for easier total access wood cutting, romantic lanes, and hunting ranges. Final clean up, repair fences and let the ladies help me clean it up in their own manner.
Up an hour, heating stove fed firewood, my water glass filled and rattlers sorted, morning batched.
Glory be, peace and tranquility has returned once more to my happy castle. Della our senior cat is also much happier and doing her jobs, mousing and offer just the right amount of comforting to the aged. Kitten Tas refusing direction, and one more scratch to many she was gone yesterday. I put her in the barn before Herr Clink threw her arse out in the cold snow alone.
…(morning’s coverage)…
I fed the ladies, heavily loaded a hay wagon, and failed to bring more fire wood in. The WD45 and the 1850g both refused to start. The WD45 for moving wood pile backed up to the deck and the Ollie to move it out the coming blizzard’s way for moving snow. Them messed with this goofy computer, finally deciphering a couple discs secrets, a couple computer operating programs.
Got to hit the hay

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