Friday, February 18, 2011


Bore boring day yesterday. Wrote something for an implement forum, filled more oil bottles for fuel starters (goin-a save some them filled bottles for greasy machine parts washing fluid and implement chain oils) attended funeral, started our laundry, and that was about it.
Now for today have made a few plans. Whether they’re carried out will be another story. These last few days have been gorgeous. Rains have missed us passing south and north of us. I’m happy we’ve been spared flooding, yet at the present rate it is going I may be missing the snow soon. The snow is much more comfortable handling than the mud’s I know are coming. If the mud’s last no long than last year Spring and Fall’ offering totaled less than a combine month. The lack of mud makes following the ladies Spring calving so much easier to handle with out slogging through mud’s as much as a foot deep. We’ll see? Later
It’s later, lunch eatened and settling in for a couple minutes relaxation. (ha ha) Stepping out my door this morning full of rural enthusiasm I hit my ramp with a lilt in my step, I was on my way. Gosh I’d seen 80% of our snow gone, the ladies spread out all over their present pasture leaving their hay in the rings. I got them a bale for the feeder ring they had eaten down the furthest. Then picked another up another bale for busy ladies each of them with a calf at foot down the road. From there our having made prior shop time arrangements to fix choke on 4020JD we were off. Admittedly about off all the time, both of us, we found nothing wrong with the choke. It was working properly so we checked the fluids. Skeptical the engine was running right I opened the distributor. On closer inspection under a sunny sky we found a whole lot wrong with distributor cap. Tom found an older one on the shelf what looked better. Taking turns messing with it we cleaned it and put it on the tractor. That helped. While we were at the shop we figured out a way to mount a SMV (slow moving vehicle sign) on the back of the JD tractor. Even if it’s wrong that tractor has one on it, now. Starting the tractor my watching the stack belching black smoke, we leaned it out some. Hey, it were running cleaner all the time. A couple more adjustments and the engine continued to run better all the time. The tractor better prepared to move more hay we broke for lunch. Not yet sure what I’ll do this afternoon. One thing sure whatever it is it’ll either be right or wrong.
Went back to the shop. I tried finding something to do, honestly! And gave up. Getting to muddy to poke around out side. Really don’t have the time to start something else. So….., I stooped to working on those same quadra-bike steering parts, I had started the other day, drilling more holes. Dumping cans I found useable nuts and bolts for the un-available tie rod ends I must fashion and make. Tried my hand at more sand blasting the jack shaft. Will likely prove to have been a futile effort; but, can hand dress with a file the shaft all the remaining unfelt and unseen (to the naked eye) any remaining burs.
Hey, hey, hey; I finally found all my computer’s, copier-printer’s, and camera either restore and/or operating discs. Yea-ba-daba-do! Now, I’ve got to down load all my story and journal documents to CD-RW discs. Aught to keep me busy for a few nights. Now, that I have everything needed to repair this ‘putor I could sure use an 8 year old boy to put all the provided hardware, software, and printed ware together.
Oh yeah, I got every thing done I had wanted and then some.

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