Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Presently -4* here. Winter isn’t softening yet.
Yesterdays traveled, congested, roadways I’ve written about in last urinal entry.
My Internet cyber travels, a Charter Cable employee (I assume is half way around the world, by his accent) was helpful giving me the ‘puter manufacturer’s phone number. I called, the other end of the line more or less told me, “Tough luck, your warranty had run out a long time ago.” Okay!
Stopping by library, between the attractive lady patron sitting next to me and the pretty young librarian leaning over my shoulder. I gleamed enough info to get me ‘putor savvy enough I made some remarkable head way bringing the cussed machine back up to some more snuff.
As far as the pretty dark eyed, dark hair, fair skinned, miss was concerned; if I had brought her home, Herr Clink would’ve made me take her back. (sigh)
It is so cold:
It is so cold, -4*, the wood-stove needed the dungeon dragon’s help.
It is so cold, I can sit my ass upon the wood-stove and no want-a move.
It is so cold, I had to give my wood-stove an oil shot to loosen up the flame.
Nearing noon remembered and ordered new ignition parts for 4020JD coming in tomorrow. That’s alright. As cold as it is I don’t even want to put the new battery into the WD45. (Brr)
So cold this morning did I make it a lazy day? I goofed off some, played some solitaire, ate good, and almost napped in my chair.
I finally braved the cold and going out the wind was still making the day feel warmer than I had anticipated. I changed the battery in the WD45 without problems. Found in the house my light weight battery charger under my barnyard tux. So coming back in I looked into it. Both wires, power and charging) were farad (say) at the interment’s case. Sure glad Frieda had finally gotten some tools in the house. I used them taking the wire some apart but not completely. I cheated as I was home, not in the shop with trays and trays of electrical parts, wire ends. Having to shovel a foot of snow out from behind calico’s cab I uncovered my field tool box for electrical plastic tape. The wires well tapped I squeezed grumbled and cussed under my breath stuffing those plastic rubber grommet things back into the cabin nets back. Was sure glad I had supplied Frieda with her own kitchen drawer full tools. I used them today. Is she in line for a tool box. Heck no! I know what’d happen next. Fancy packaging those tools would make them to easily toted right on out of the house by you know who, ME! The ladies and cats are well fed. I managed to easily start the WD45 and move its attached wood hauler back around the house parking it adjacent the wood pile. Will need more wood in the house a couple more days.
Looking at the news the world looks like it’s about to fall apart. Earthquakes, governments toppling, unemployment, the rich getting richer, tyrants ordering people killed, pirates freely sailing upon the high seas, uncooperative wars, and people running for their lives. Makes one sleep easier does it?
For fun, I down loaded more text files to CD-RW’s for safe keeping before rebuilding computers use.
Latest weather news a new for this day record low has been recorded for Flint, -11*. Forecast calling it below zero again tomorrow’s morning.
Oh Lawd, Frieda’s made soup out of those beans Texans don’t put in their chili. By tomorrow it could be a routine rooten tooten scented warm day.

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