Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I feel Good

Honestly, “I feel Good” witch I’m saying isn’t a medical statement. Its been a winter break in this winter’s cold temps. I was outdoors a good 80% of my good time. And, I did it all sans winter tux. And, I mean without a winter tux going out so far as even sans long winter woven long handled underwear. I ain’t going to have any metallic snap closures rusting shut on me by this Spring. I’m filled with mixed emotion in using the very coming of warm temperatures. Is this our belated January thaw coming? What shall I do with it. Take for instance should I hand shovel the snow drift covering our wood pile out. There’s not as much snow covering it as there was last Wednesday. I moved a lot of that snow away with the tractor yesterday as I could with the tractor. It may well be a good time to top off the wood piles I’ve stacked in this house. What I don’t want to do is tie up the wood hauler if we should see such a thaw I could. The other concern will center around and under the shop apron where the first snows never letting up have covered and frozen down all the junk and scrap plus all the un-handled tires not yet completely trashed for roadside pick up?
I think I got it? At least for today! I’d better go and bring in some more shelled corn while all the ways to bring a five (net) ton load home before the weather turns tiger again. What all I do today I’ll enjoy my hard weathered broken winter time doing it, even all the up coming days, may they even be few.
Oh lawd! I just looked. It’s only 2* outside. Whatever I do today I start it tux out doing it! (grin)
Leaving the house in high hopes I found shelled corn was available today coming right back home for the wagon which of course needed the snow cleaned off. Using the 4020 JD I was off and running with an empty wagon to return home with it shelled corn loaded. Okay so I was off and running. Even having never shutting the engine off I had driven it two and a half miles before I could shift it up into the top eighth gear on a paved road. Turning back down my, this very morning plowed, road bogging the tractor down I shifted the tractor back down a gear. Oh well! It gets better now. Turning into my lower drive I never made it over the top of the drive. Tractor with six tons in tow is now embarrassingly stuck in the middle of the bottom drive’s snow. So I Bring a power cord up from the barn and plugg the 4010JD into it for a hopeful start in a couple hours. What the heck, it were an exact good time to break for lunch.
May I suggest if you want a rather different taste treat, try eating some Oreo cookies with a last evening’s left over flattening beer.
Today didn’t close being an exceptionally inspiring one. The twelve thousand pound grain wagon has taken up residency in the lower drive having refused to follow the tractor up over the hum to take up the usual place to properly sit out here the other side the upper driveway. No one around to either help me push or pull it any further I checked out the 4-180 White. The batteries dead I found me enough power cord to take the HD battery charger out there for an at least four hour charge. It’ll be dark when nect with a flash light I’ll try and find the tractor in the dark to take the charger off. The cleaned rod laying on Calico’s dash I think I’ll see if every thing what needs to go on it will fit. I also need to find us a ride for Frieda’s next medical appointment.
It was a comfortable outdoor working day. Only activity to wear me down was negotiating the snow banks and drifts on foot.

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