Friday, February 4, 2011


AWOL. My blogg has been without me in any case. I’ve either been pushing, pulling, moving it aside or shoveling snow. To the last three days just so’s we can move hay and grind feed. The first time three days back I gave up on snow removal then, my tracks filling as fast as I was making them. Well, it all had to be done regardless.
Finally put another load wood on the hauler. Cussed WD45’s behavior is just about one notch from being stellar. It’ll start and run as nice and sweet as any new machine just naturally behave. Then it acts like it’s decided to take a day off and refuse to start for absolutely no rhyme or reason. Then start up beautifully the next couple days. The Ford with the back bade on it wouldn’t start without its distributor cap wiped out and the terminals scraped. I could well be plowing snow tomorrow and in want for firewood tomorrow if it weren’t for a couple neighbors bringing their machines over and helping us and out. Out, I the sense if had to we can.
One of the tires on the wood haul’s leaking air and Calico needs a spare for its own. When comes the Spring thaw comes I had better be watching for another 16” Chevy 6 bolt hole rim, that’d work on both.
I’ve just taken my afternoon rattlers. Thinking maybe one more force effort I can have that wood into the house I didn’t have covered with an opened tote (a bag that’ll hold roughly about 1 ton or 2000 #’s crop seed).
Supper’s smelling good and I figure I’ve got about 15 minutes day light what’s better making my efforts safer when I’m seeing at my daylight best. Then I think I’ll be looking for a good movie to snooze through before going to bed.
Gosh the ladies look so fate and extra health wearing their fur coats around the clock just as if to say I’m a sissy. I didn’t speak to them all day. Ain’t seen hide nor hair Tas (calico kitten) since she’s unexpectedly moved down to the barn…uh…er…with an added bit of effort upon my part……
……Well, the wood hauler is over half emptied. What snow should fall upon it over night, if any, that wood will essentially remain dry, of little wetting it significance.
I was totally surprised as tightly as I had this last wood pile end with two totes. Those winds we had the other day had blown the snow clear though the wood piles. But the snow being dry it’ll either fall or shake right off easily each piece I threw on the hauler. If we have any more snow over night it won’t mater as chilly as our fine air is about us. Looking for morning.

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Paula said...

Had company from Alaska and doesn't look like they will leave anytime soon. lol Doesn't leave me much time reading blogs or writing in mine. See ya when I can.