Friday, February 11, 2011

‘Taws a Fair Day

Up late, both of us one foot hopping about the house on one foot trying our bests to get our pants before our ride got here. The ride arrived won, we slowly lost. I got my rattlers down and that was it. Oh the ride was for A medical appointment for Frieda’s knee. On the way our ride’s driver took the express way her radio on. Coming across the air waves an auto accident had been reported dead ahead. I suggested we get off the E-way the next exist She ignored me and we got got up in that accident backed up a traffic jam for three-quarter’s an hour.
Getting to Frieda’s appointment Doc’s happy with her knee. And, it is understood Frieda’s to come in again in another twelve months: and, this is the way it’ll for the rest of her days.
On the way home we managed to go shopping. I secretly managed to get what’s her name a Valentine gift. After I’ve given it to her in a couple days I’ve got to write how it all turns out. This gift should take her all the a way back to our second New Years Eve party. Darn near filled the shopping cart shopping Meijer’s Thrifty Acres. Wow, did we find the bargains. We hit it right this time for our few needs. Knowing Spring’s not far away I loaded up on canned pop three extra sized cases of pop’s for $7.00. I’ll be on daily happy camper when I mount my afternoon’s haying tractors, with a half gallon iced water and a cool half pint pop. Gosh Lipton Tea was even cheaper than the generic store brand. I do like my tea; and, even enjoy this extra super Super-Market over Wally World. Such a friendly store, even the patron’s help patrons answering taking care of asked questions. It’s like getting together with near long lost cousins at an impromptu family reunion.
Ready for a couple ouch's? Gasoline is $3.20/gal for the cheap stuff here. Reported corn harvest shortages are pushing per bushel corn prices up again. Anything using corn is going to cost us more over the next few months. I‘m seeing my Cushman’s as becoming more economical transportation all the time. Have got to figure out how to enclose one of them for winter running. Next how does on put a block heater on an OMC engine? An oil or crankcase heater? Hey, I might have an idea here?
I’ve been on the internet looking for and scribing advertisements looking for tractor SGM heater parts. I managed to finely get out a shovel our wood pile out. I even carried in a big armload supposedly too green box-elder fire wood, cut roughly and it burned a delightfully warm glow.

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