Thursday, February 24, 2011


“If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.”
On my way over to the parts store Calico’s engine had a little knock in it. To make he trip count for a whole lot of running I included stops by the supermarket and drugstore. I made it as far as the drugstore the knock having increased. I felt it no good going any further. Tom coming confirmed my suspicions as he picked me up. Leaving Calico we picked up the JD parts. The laws and weather the way it is I’ll need a wreaker to take it to the shop. So once more I am without wheels. Ugly needs something before it’ll run? Dumpy truck needs left front brake caliper replacement. Perhaps the Cushman loaded with fire wood may just have to substitute for temporary-temporary transportation. Nuts! That is if I can get it to run. It doesn’t particularly like cold weather.
Well, on the good side, The 4020JD has all new ignition parts in it. Had to borrow neighbor’s wrenches to do get it done, for my field toolbox had gotten left behind at the drugstore.
Removed snow ice and ice water of this gravity box’s cover-tarp. Had thought I could bring Calico home with the same tow bar I had used on Dumpy truck last Fall? So brother Ray towed me to the shop on a tow strap, country roads almost all the way. Lucked out without a cop in sight. Now that it is there, that’s a good place to unload it, and I’ll bring my field tool box home. In a couple days I’ll pull the engine and see what it’ll take to make fix.
My plate so full I might better put the quadra-bike up until next winter. (double darn it)

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