Monday, February 21, 2011

I didn’t do it

Morning words:
But then again maybe I did? They said they's be snow. I got into taking all the precautions. Getting it done before the onset. A lot of good it did me. I forgot to bring my snow-shoveling shovel in with me last night. Dam, dam, dam, I’ve got to shovel my way out of our house this morning, and no shovel. I’ll either have to wade or swim out to Calico to retrieve it and then shovel my way back in.
Thimking ahead, I put our trash out yesterday to get a jump on it a day early. Now I have to dig it out also. I don’t thimk this snow is the sweep-able kind. The chore tractor (tractor chosen) in the close lawn way, must be moved back to the wood pile. I expect I’ll have to get into sometime again all too soon.
I called neighbor where snow pushing tractor is stored inside. “Unlock the doors.“ We share my tractor, his shed, during the snow season’s. That machine inside starts and steers easier.
Had to say good-bye to my favorite pint sized china tea cup. A crack down it’s side, for some time, I had just barely bumped it on our cast iron kitchen sink. While that little bump didn’t finish that cup off with a grand shattering event it did start leaking my precious brewed tea cup away. (sniff sniff)
Latest official word on our present 8:00 AM snow we’ve gotten 11” and more of the Winter blanketing stuff. About 10 more minutes I’ll be out there taking it easy for my old ticker. Gonna be a lot of tea breaks taken today!
Evening words:
For second outing, I had come in from the first on cold to the bone at 11:00 AM. While I was in it was thought I might just as well have lunch. Afterward my chair had developed the darnedest vibrating and it didn’t have vibrator built into it. It were I shivering. Frieda through a blanket over me before everything I had eatened turned into a souring sick to the belly milkshake. I must have snoozed a good couple hours. Best part when I woke I was back in the pink. Dressed and finished my snow plowing and re-put the tractor back in Terry’s closed lean-to.
The WD45 standing in the front yard like a proud monument to days gone by. There it sits to remain until I replace the battery having gone south do to an internally dead short. Crazy battery was a new unwarranted scrap yard $12.00 find that has lasted four-maybe-five years.
SO, the roads should be plowed and in good shape tomorrow. Then I’ll be taking the back roads into Clio town for a new battery, five gallons ATF, and cat food, I like my evening munchies. :^)

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Paula said...

Don't we get attached to our "stuff"? Sorry you had to say goodbye to your tea cup.