Thursday, February 10, 2011

Co-cold morning.

“How did you sleep?” she asked.
“It looks cold outside.” she speculated
I told her it was. “It’s 0* out there.”
“My windows are frosted over this morning. Very pretty.” she had said.
“Did you enjoy your shower last night?” she had asked.
“You weren’t in there very long.” she had observed.
“And,” I told her, “When I finished my hot shower, I didn’t have the courage to run outside and roll in the snow either.”
Then she showed me, telling me, “I’m keeping my prescriptions in this.” still dark the only light in the room behind my ‘puter in here, my inability to see what she was referring to from this end our bowling ally liken only big room, I answered, “Yes, Dear.”
Chilly, did the chores this morning. The weather cold enough running the roads between these two closest farms with the 4020 JD to hay the critters the tractor hadn’t managed to get up to operating temperature. Brr!
Bro’ driving we paid our respects to Dave (in death) and his family.
Getting back I assisted Bro’ doing his chores and roughly had an hour to work on my Quadrabike parts.
Sawing away un-needed ends the frame shafts for the jackshaft assembly the processed actions came off without a hitch. Shafts trimmed, center punched, jigged two ways I bore four holes. Luckily two of the holes in the parts correctly finished up on most useful ends. I’d say I lucked out finding the centers/drillings that’ll eventually work in final assembly.
Frieda continues to make hints she’s expecting gifts for Valentine’s Day. She even gone thus far as to even what she wants. If I should succeed finding her last request as I’d like find to my specifications, that gift could turn into a chuckling good old tale….., for my book anyway.

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