Sunday, February 20, 2011

Change of Scene

Was a lot of bare ground out there when I stepped out over my threshold. But not to look a gifted weather man in the mouth I use six Winter hours tidying some around here. Like doing all the necessities (chores) first. The preliminary’s out of the way, hay fed out here and the yard in the hollow. I got my ash loaded up and out oh here dumping about seven buckets of them over a poor piece of ground badly in need of lime if it is ever going to even grow grass. On my way back home I picked up some trash lost in the hay-yard. All that picked up eventually did the proper gift wrapping for the up and coming trash day. I replaced a gate handle. About the worst part of my day came upon me when Herr Clink had decided I was making soup for lunch. I open about a half a dozen cans consisting of chicken and vegetables in a pot. A pot full she had me stir it real good. When it was thought I had stirred it enough, Her Mostess had me fill a bowl and nuke it for about three minutes and I had my lunch. Good home made soup? These activities like I had suggested kept me busy for a good portion of the day. Working up an uncomfortable sweat I come in for a fresh piping hot cot of tea. It was while I was a sipping at it we were under beautifully snow shower heaven sent snow, thick and heavy enough visibility was cut down to less than a 100 feet. The tees trimmed in white lace it’s a scenic view regardless which way you’re looking.
Got a promise I had made my neighbor for a pr tire chains I had given him when I only had an un-approximate location. The snows melted away day before yesterday those wheels with tires and chains on them revealed I loaded them up and delivered them. Darn it, he could have at least broken the tires down before giving me my rims back. Ever question the value of a honest neighbor?

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Paula said...

You follow Herr Klink's (will she get mad at me for calling her that) direction to make soup but do you clean up the mess? John wouldn't, thats what hes got me for. lol