Saturday, February 26, 2011

no causes today

So I’ll open with the simple home life stuff Like exchanging a kiss with my love, fixed me-self one of my latest cocktail recipe’s with a slight modification. Some know my recipe: a glug of raw apple cider vinegar, another glug cherry juice, and topped off with (here’s the change from true ginger ail) a cream soda to help lighten the awful taste I was about to experience. As I have foretold, one sip the brew curled my toes. Argh! I must remember Canada Dry Ginger Ail when next I shop.
Dressing for the day, eager to move my lazy ass out of the house deciding I’ve things to do and if they’s to get doe its up to me to figure some alternative ways. I was almost prepared to go when I noticed my shoes had remained untied, and commented, “Some idiot putting my shoes on had forgotten to tie them.” Then Her Mostess had the unmitigated nerve to laugh at me. I should have known I’d always be this way ever since our first date over a half a century ago. The woman has no feelings.
Escaping the house and mounted upon the WD45 with trailer in tow for the shop, I was after some tools. Returning home my field tools plus a lot of other useful stuff; and, it were lunch time the frozen by ache of my left hand’s fingers (a carpentry hazard winter working taking nails out of an apron pocket). Coming into the house I patted Her Mostess upon her arse in passing to take care of one more husbandly duty. Keeps her happy don’t you know? More later……
Home by 2:00 PM back outside 3:00 PM. Fun, fun, fun the snow forecast for today had really gotten with it my trying to accomplish something on the Dumpy truck. It is was fun digging the snow out from around my chosen work area. The weather’s tricky existence like every time I laid a wrench down for five minutes it disappeared under the continuously thickening blank of falling snow. Now if that weren’t enough, walking around this place had gotten tricky. The new snow mounting up covering the slippery spots, assorted ruts, made for me some interesting fancy stepping to keep my dignity upright. Then when I was ready to get into it, I wondered if I was working on the proper part of the truck. It was break time, chores to do here and in the hollow, it was quitting time plus dark was going to be early this evening. How much snow have we gotten? I’d guess we’ve gotten around about four inches the new stuff this afternoon. It certainly is pretty all the trees trimmed out in snow’s white icing liking that on a wedding cake.

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Donna said...

Cliff and I were discussing you today; he was expressing his admiration for a man who has all those Olivers, and I said I admire anyone who will undertake all that upkeep on said tractors. So I read this and see something about an Allis WD 45.
Fern, Cliff and I are in awe. How many tractors do you own, anyhow?