Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Been out, done taken a bale down to the farm in the hollow. The packed snows on the road and drives melted down just enough making for some tight surfaces, I’ve found it safer riding than walking slipping and sliding out of control. I might say while I’ve gained weight that weight has added any extra amount of padding in the more sensitive areas, the (my) cheeks down under.
4020JD started right up this morning without one iota’s hesitation. Why it even happily run the road in eighth gear. My ladies having busied themselves hiding all the hay I had given them last night. Later today they’ll take an interest in what I’ll offer this night’s perusal. That is just one of my many jobs, keeping all the ladies in my neighborhood happy.
Temperature 39* before I left the house this morning with a forecast high of 37* for today I went sans tux I figured I’d be warm enough. Why not, as I been enjoying all the balmy weather we’ve had over the last few days. However, I didn’t figure upon the chilly breezes attacking my person blowing across the open fields when I left the shelter of the farmyard building all breaking the wind three out of four directions. By the time I had returned and entered the house for a much needed hot tea warm-up the goose bumps so numerous upon my lower limbs those goose bumps had filled out my pant legs.
I gave Her Mostess my Valentine gift this morning. It didn’t take her more than an a couple hours to fathom the full significance of the flavored gesture. Her Holiday gift was a suggested need upon her part wanting some lip gloss product for her chapped lips. My going a bit further in the strawberry flavoring goes back to our second New Year’s Eve. A square dancing dance party that New Year’s. It happened when that evening at the stroke of midnight everybody hugging and kissing all the ways around one of my encounters involved a strawberry lipstick kiss. Frieda had gotten the biggest charge that evening out of making a second round after the fact looking for the wearer of that tasty romantic treat…. I never found her, the lady with the tasty lips. So for the last fifty years she has continued to take it upon her self to remember, and remind me about all my roving amongst all the ladies a second sampling all their kisses. One of the better part’s of my quest I wasn’t denied a second lip smacking helping around the entire dance floor. It was an interesting evening Frieda has never forgotten.
I don’t know what this is? I’ve just learned another friend of mine has died this last Saturday. Only 68 years old. He’d been one of the largest dairy farmers in the county up until about two decades ago until his wife ran away with the hired hand. Since then, lonesome, he’d taken up with a questionable young lady creating another family for himself before she run off leaving him and his last child alone. He leaves behind three children by via two women. I’m hoping a daughter by his earlier marriage will take his youngest son (a half brother) under her wing until he comes of age. When the dairy faded away his ex-wife barely left him with his parents original homestead, he become a wild game producer raising a couple deer breeds, elk, bison, and other wild animals. People came from near and far to see his wild animals. He was a good man and had suffered diabetes this last decade and some. May he be granted peace and his youngest son keeping to the proper path. Having a ride I’m planning to make the visitation.
I got into it today. I did a first serious scrub half the kitchen floor. I started out submerging that half under roughly a quarter inch of water to loosen packed crud up. Then ate a couple cookies with some drunken tomato juice. By gum, I get it all cleaned this time I’ve got make some serious linoleum repair patches and cover the doorway edges with metal sills.
Rite Aid drug store called, “Frieda’s prescription is ready until……” I told Frieda if we got up early tomorrow morning, getting her off on an early start, she should be able to walk it back home before dark. I do like being helpful. I mean, like for instance getting her up and out right after sunup.
That is if I can get her up and out after all the skating we’ve been watching this evening?

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