Sunday, February 13, 2011

Old friends

Some losses were harder than others, all of them took time. Although it may get tough when memories now and then raise their weary heads. An old friend Dave I had given up on passed away last week. I had to pay my last respects to him, his family’s loss. I’m reminded all the good times we had once had for a number of years until he decided to turn his back on me.
I’ve lost a friend, a man and he weren’t alone and not only of the human world. I remember an Airedale dog (Groucho). It was tough. He had been challenged and rufsto back down taking on a three dog pack, killing them all making his way home a day later, all ripped and torn just to say good bye. We found him dead on his mat the net morning.
Groucho an animal wasn’t alone, for as my growing into adulthood our(my) married household has been adopted by a many a cat some of them getting under our skins. We remember them often and I’ve been sorely amiss writing about them, particularly two of them a one A Judjy Poo and her daughter Who Bear.
There was Alphonso a wholey wooly dog I had brought home form a summer kids camp, their policy, destroy all the Spring found shelter dogs each Fall when the camping season had come to an end. He was a something else sharp trickster. Another animal whom needs memorially written about.
When the children were still home all of us growing daily somebody brought a ginni-pig home. As it would turn that silly animal choose me his buddy, a long remembered honor I shan’t forget.
It has been said cows make perfect the perfect animals to keep in as much as they’re of independent minds never sucking up to their owners. Yeah sure! Whoever thought that one up wasn’t an open hearted soul, perhaps more like a hard hearted sorry soul. In tne cow herd out here to whom I refer to as ladies, I’ve know three of these as (a loosely used term) pets, who’d come to me with a called out name. Critters who’d display their likingness for me in their bovine ways.
Bottom line I do believe a many an animal has a soul in one manner or another. I can say this, watching offspring running, jumping, playing, in celebrations of lives given them. I’ve also watched animals grieve lost one’s their own kind. And, how about dogs grieving the loss of a master or mistress.
It is getting on to afternoon. Hopefully I’ve fixed the 4020JD ignition first this morning. Points looked worn and un-burned. I scrapped all the passing terminals, whipped off and out what I could the distributor’s internal parts, gave it an internal squirt of WD45 to dry (or keep dry) the distributor’s innards, started the engine and it didn’t bark back at me not even once.
The wood hauler sitting beside the firewood pile I threw on a 2/3’s load. Lucky me, most the load’s made up of bits and pieces. They’s going to be a pistol to neatly pile in the house even in the re-designated foyer into woodshed.
OMG, shame-shame on me.. I like to near forgot the ladies feeding essentials. Mounting the 4020JD, hitting the starter button it’s engine come to life without so much as an instant’s choking (literally), and away we were, without no snap, crackle, nor pop. Passing the ladies I heard not a single solitary word of discontent in my behavior. Such a forgiving lot of ladies I was forgiven likewise without word. Hmmm, That could be bad, couldn’t it?
Temps as high or higher than 44* the snow pack is tightening up even more and I’m hoping this does no become a problem. I consider it fortunate this 4020JD had come with a mechanically operated differential lock. It was a very handy accessory in today’s melting snows.
Taking advantage of the beautiful warm weather I brought in this morning’s loaded wood. Whew, all the wood carried in the house is stocked higher today than it has been thus far this Winter’s heating season.
The sun’s going down and I’m watching Valentine movies with Her Mostess.

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