Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toting firewood time

Household wood very low, the wood hauler beside the wood pile I’ve filled it half full before I’m winded enough I had to come in to sit a spell. Sheesh! I don’t know why it take my twice as long to this as I used to much mover twice as fast only a decade or two ago.
Gosh we must have gotten at least 8” snow this time around my being able to only measure the nearer true snow fall on the white tote bags I had originally put over the wood pile. Whatever else the snow had landed on has been melting down at different rates dependent on the items mass and held heat from the sun, There, I pass this info along if anybody else interested may imagine what I mean. 20 minutes sitting time I must finish loading wood hauler, move it, backing it up to the deck. Then it’ll be lunch time when I’m satisfied with this morning’s efforts.
Lunch time 1:00 PM all I got to do is unload wood haul backed up to deck into the house. Wished I had an easier means to do this last chore. Rat now, I’m hungry. “What’s for dinner, Frieda?” I got back, “Go make it yourself!” So, I commenced to forage for myself. While she’s telling me, “I’m dizzy.” Hello Daisy, I’ve known that for years.
Afternoon has seen my toting wood into house. I wanted to have that done early evening Weatherman talked rain today, this evening and tonight. To keep it as dry as I had loaded it I had covered the load with a tired tarp. I suppose as Mother nature had seen me prepared I’ve been left alone under dry conditions. I got help of sorts. Sweetheart (cat), sitting atop a deck post a-side my walk way, had been supervising me given me a swat when I slowed down or a pat on the back when I was doing the stepping correctly. (hehe)
Taken my last sit down break my lower back is complaining it is being worked to hard, my left shoulder is aching on as if it were housing a case of bursitis, and my lungs can only keep up the paces for so long, my running out of air I have to sit to catch-up my wind ever so often. Writing this I had only four more arm loads to go, then it’d be supper planning time. Yup, that’s right she said it again, “You have to make tour own.”
I ask, “Whatever happened to “The Little Red Hen?” I liked it that-a-way syndrome! (grin)
And lest I forget. I finished my evening watching the Australian movie Oscar awards show.

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