Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Day

Okay, now that I’ve titled this page, I hope it is; but, It is not looking good. I woke up to see the clock and misunderstood it’s message. The shy bugger hold its hands over its tell tale lying face I saw those hands as meaning 5:30 AM a grand time for waking up. So I rise a little bit just sitting on the edge of my bed. Minding my own business an urge comes over me, I mustn’t/can’t ignore, an act of nature…… I had a mother who had loved take care of my first few years of life until she insisted I quit doing it in a diaper she must have gotten tired of laundry washing every day. She had insisted I give up the first act. Then for my reward she took me to a place where I was supposed to get along with a lot of other kids my age, and do what an insistent big old lady was to try and tell me what I must do. She wanted me to learn all these some 27 images put up around the top of the walls and the sounds they were to mean. All I ever got for my trails and errors was seat on a hardwood bench across the hall from the principles office. Opps, excuse me, I’m getting away from my intended written words this very morning. ..….I had to move to make another movement to avoid sitting in a mess I have taken to disliking these last passing fourteen lustrums.
Meanwhile, Having wakened, assumed another urge to stay Up figure I must eat something for a tummy satisfier in order to go back to sleep, especially after waking up to a lie. I extracted an orange from the refrigerator for an early morning snack and settled in to write these ridiculous words. Oh me, what will I ever come to? It was about here I tended the hungry woodstove who’s mouth when ever I allow it to open needs some thing to satisfy it’s needs of controlled fire from the depths of Hell. Feed that appetite I ventured out into the foyer/woodshed. Seeing light streaming in from outside this small room’s door I looked out to see a gloriously full moon a bit south and a little to the west. It was pretty as I looked up towards the lighted darkness of the heavens before returning to this ridicules key board. I say ridicules as in meaning it is no piano for making music.
After setting down these odd balled words the orange is beginning to work its magic. I must lay myself down and let the sandman dust my eyes into closed sleep. Yes, yes, I must lie down and make some z’s. Sleep tight everyone…zzzzzzzzzzzz’s
If anyone can interpret what I have just previously written please interpret my meaning’s in another light, daylight perhaps? When all the words have been translated please to send them back to me in layman’s terms. It is rather then the moonlight I had shun for fear of moon-burns for I had no moon-screen’s protection to save me from its crazying rays.
About time to turn in. Yawning widely I’ve got to retire it soon. I had been to the elevator brought an empty gravity box home, grown grain, and spot the loaded wagon.
Made myself a couple Canadian ham sandwitches.
Oh in another Spring preparedness ways I’ve ordered a gallon of wild honey from a local Bee man at $32.00/gallon. I consider that a bargain. I wish I had some right now……..


Paula said...

we've been trying to eat honey lately as the cedar pollen has blown down here from the hill country. They (who ever they is) tells us to eat a tablespoon of honey from the hill country everyday and our allergies will go away. We'll see if we remember to eat it. John bought a pint for $7.50.

Fernan said...

I thing you need to find a bee keeper closer to the hill country as he may set out hive closer to home to harvest, extract and package loser to his home. And, you just luck out the hill country honey rather than the flatland peanut and cotton blossom offerings.
bon appetite
Ah ha, Me thinks I found you on facebook. (he he)