Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2-1-2011 Sum Facts of Life

“A reprimand……without it…..I would be disappointed,” he‘d said.
I red this and so help me I hollered at Frieda to listen to me read Jozepee’s personally pointed rant. With all do respect I all but ROFLMAO. I couldn’t help myself. There is a very old adage. “Laughter is the best healer.” You must take my word for it. You’ve made my getting off my dead ass today a lot easier. Sorry about this old friend (if not in longevity, be it in our personally combined ages). Answering you I found myself near writing a three page explanation (upon my computer screen).
“Please to……red me”
It seems I must explain my inability to command the help of so many loco friends, or should that be local; no, I had it right the first time, “loco.” I must explain I’ve got around me in my midst two kinds of volunteers, and may they be heaven blessed for knowing no better than to ever be in the position to be seen with me.
One group, are people with lives, duties, and responsibilities they are truthfully to busy to help me (us, as I must include my brother, for we are a truthful couple (mob) severely caped handicappers). First of all nothing is really done without a trade. I’ll explain it this way. One idiot, His wife will know who they are, he works 16 hrs on 8 hrs off. He’s no time for us but he’s done 2 things for us. He misses seeing us or things moved for obvious activity he checks on us. There’s been times when he was the only person available he gave up his time and sleep to help us out of a sticky situation. Others like himself are neighboring farmers, knowing the value of an extra hand now and then. Again we trade, those trades going so far as if we’ve something we can’t use, we rent to the other nothing down nothing a month to own.
The second group are individuals liken our-selves’ so handicapped they shouldn’t be doing what they do. I think most these folks come around to be entertained, and when we can grasp them one way or another we use their talents as far as comfortably safe and just helpful, they needing their rests and personal life responsibilities taken care of. Seasonally, most these folk their help is invaluable when it comes to their merely healthful ability to do no more than drive a tractor harvesting to bring in a crop, running the ladies home or through the chutes. All these people aren’t in much better shape than I am, worse a couple of them so, I may not take their help beyond their physical bounds. We’ve one neighbor keeping an eye on the ladies, the moment he sees them out wandering about, he’ll approach them and worry them back home where they belong. Another I daren’t call on him but for a sitting or lazy approach to a fixing or a welding what I can no longer see. Still another gives me a hand when his shop is empty, (dead of winter) his dull season, his shop his second self employment job. And other’s, it’s is important we all know the limitations, ours and theirs. Quite honestly some of these people are purely bored and this farm, an around the clock busy enterprise, most these guys are looking for something to do they needn’t pay for. Some have suggested as busy as it periodically around here: tractors running the fields, livestock running our husbandry responsibilities; this place is a Disneyland. So busy children from up and down the road are often visitors to either see what’s going on or just plainly enjoy the animals. Often time they’re where they may see a life’s beginning, growing, or another one ending. It’s sex education upon the hoof. Around this place there’s a good laugh just the other side the next fence post. Often times it is a zoo requiring an extra bit of attention to keep it running smoothly.
I must stress we’ve many more unsung friends, and volunteers, some of them helping us for exclusive hunting rights our fields and wood lots sharing the sets and stands.

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