Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Interestingly enough, we’ve something else going on in my little corner of Michigan. (The land of foreclosed homes) this is only the tip of some new goings on's. Neighbors are calling neighbors whenever somebody's going supermarket or mall shopping. It's becoming a regular sight to see other families ganged together shopping expeditions sharing good buy money stretching shopping tips, trips, and rides.
Some businesses had better be waking up to truthfully answering their telephone inquiry's. Let one of them tell a potential patron they've something the haven't got, those businesses are talked about and boycotted. Gas becoming such a valuable commodity folks around here aren't taking being mislead any too unkindly.
What is your cure for insomnia?
Last night I could not go to sleep to save my soul? Sooo, I reach into the frig for a Seagram’s Fuzzy Navel (so hard to find, I grab some when seen) Must have been one swallow left and I was on my way out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Lately seeing so many pictures of babies reminds me of waiting for the first one of my (our) own (I had better share the responsibility) my bride always so impressed me with her fashion sense. It seemed when I reached for one of my wool flannel shirt’s she’d get after me, she was wearin’ that one today. They were cozy, warm, comfortable, and most importantly during that time I was just her size. (grin) Best of all when she’d sit in an easy chair she’d often enough nap just long enough to show me what peace was. (laughen) Ah yes, those were some days! (grin)
Seemingly unable to find sleep last night, I’m fighting it tonight wanting to make it through supper with going to sleep in my barbecued ham.
Now let me see if I can hit the farming’s highlights. I spent most the day assisting Bro’ in rebuilding a hay ring feeder. When I rolled it out of the shop, good old generous Bro’ suggests the shop is all mine. What? At 3:30 in the afternoon? I was already hitting my wall. That wall where upon my day’s strength has been sapped out for the most part, and my mental capacity to do it correctly is sadly short if not missing. It’s that time of day I like an monotonous activity where in I may still be productive accomplishing something without having to think or make a judgment. I managed to put ugly into the shop. I found some cardboards laying them of the messy floor Ugly had made coming in on its own power, routed me out a few tools, a trouble light, slid myself under the truck and removed the front driveshaft. Bringing it out from under the truck I placed it upon a piece of plywood laid on a barrel’s instant work bench stand. Feeling it, its sloppy rattling about like behavior every bearing in the universal joints was shot. It is a wonder that this multy pieced loosened part was not thrown loose by the trucks own power. Any resulting damage would be difficult to image. The damage could have been so sever this truck would had been turned into instant (clapper fodder) junkyard scarp. I’ll perhaps take to replacing all three cross-bearings (universal joints) in this driveline part tomorrow.
Chancing repeating myself here I are even if it be again repeating myself.
More'r'less surprising Her Mostess I saw to it she had a whole morning's good time yesterday. Even to trying one them Dollar General stores a couple mi beyond the Crossroads for her some yarn. What a joke, my seeing nothing of much anybody doesn't need.
Yep, as long as we were going by the elevator the delightful Miss inside had brought with her to work for us a gallon jar of honey I'd ordered. Her husband helping his 92 yr old father separate and pour the honey he'd brought ours home, she brought to her work place, I picked bees sweets from there saving us all some time and me some gas.

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when I can't sleep I do laundry or some other mundane task.