Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty’s Day

It is a great day for the Irish. Sun’s shining, the snow‘s half gone, there is a hint of green somewhere (and I’ll brag about it hen I find it), and the mud is hopefully only half as deep as it may yet come to be. My colleen is up and wearing a bit of green. Lovely she is in it also.
Good Gosh Molly, I havn’t half the heart to tell ya…I slept 10 ½ hr’s, and the house so warm I neglected to keep the fire up all night. On waking the house felt as comfortable as a house caught up in a summer breeze.
Having had a good time on the internet yesterday I was seriously thinking I’d bend my own exhaust pipes. That was last night. This morning thinking about energy costs involved heating the right hand exhaust pipe alone I opted instead to seek professional help. That seeking of sorts had to wait of-course until after I had moved a load of dry hay from here to the other end. Getting on the road taking my chances, keeping myself as alert as I could muster, I took to the traffic to cruise through two ‘burb’s to have at least one of the pipes custom made. Calling ahead fr place and price I was soon on my way figuring it a half hour drive. I never made it. Ugly gegeed out
A mile and a half short my destination. Durn, double durn phooey! As Ugly started telling we weren’t going any further the closet thing I could see to steer Ugly off the road was a bank lot not to awfully far ahead. Ugly never made it, seeing it a lost cause about a hundred feet short that lot I put Ugly up over the curb doing my best get it o f the way of traffic. Well, was off the road enough approaching traffic could see I was having trouble. By and by a good Samaritan stopped by offering me a tow for ten bucks. I explained I had someone coming and I wanted to more’r’less stay were I was. But I’d give him something for a tow into the bank lot getting my truck out of a traffic lane. He had to go get a chain. (I yet hadn’t put all my emergency paraphernalia back into Ugly’s tool boxes.) I gave him a saw-buck getting me off the road, then he wanted to sell me the chain he had towed me with for ten bucks more for gas money. I couldn’t really afford it, but his hard luck story was better than mine. I wished him well and suggested his luck was about to turn for the better. Checking out the chain after he’d left, I found it was a good one, tough, strong, and part of a rigger’s apparatus at that. I don’t think I can begin to put a dollar value on such fine equipment?
The cell Phone used backup was on the way. Bro’ was coming after me bringing everything we need to take Ugly on tow. Humiliating as it was drawn down the road on a yellow strap, I was more liking the best gas millage I ha ever gotten with this rig. Thing about the problem and cause, me thinks my trouble’s in a rubber hose from the truck frame gas line to the fuel pump.
Ugly pushed into shop, about to call it a day shortly after 5:00 PM, Bro’ needs a hand feeding his hay. Not even finished with that he sees a fence in dire need of fixing. Durn, double dog durn burn it anyhow ! It were after 2 ½ hours the fence was operational. Making three broken fence wires the whole of the electric fence circuit was dead. Disgusted I went up to house for reinforcements. Bro’ was waiting for me. Giving him the wheel I rode shot gun while we started cruising a (the) fence lines.
Bro’s eyesight supposedly better then mine (myself considered legally blind I spotted all the dead shorts in the fence this second go around, for three more dead shorts. And the trouble had started weeks a go on the back of the forty when a deer had jumped a electric fence not quite clearing a wire knocking off an insulator causing a short going back before the last snow storm.
Supper was gotten to somewhere around 8:30 PM finishing in time for bed.
“Rainbows.” (yawn)
Fernan zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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