Thursday, March 31, 2011

3-29-2011 forgotten entry

So busy enjoying the wonderfully beautiful elements. Let me put it this way. Our snow melt looking as if it were o in slow-motion, it is mindful watching vegetation's leaves slowly emerging form tight dripped buds. Good lord watch Spring’s winter elements slowly expose the warm earth underneath is a show worth watching the happening. I know the earth is warm for just three days ago I stood a fence post in six inches of snow and drove it into that earth under the snow with ease. All I may additionally add is, enjoy.
Good josh Mary Dee, I had a whale of a good day yesterday. I started out collecting the last of the varied parts required for Ugly’s front axle assemblies repairs (I hope). Then in re-passing I grabbed some paper work from beside the ‘puter going to town to make Ugly legal road worthy. That was fun.
Stepping up to the Sect Of State’s counter found the most recent proof of insurance sent was for the last vehicle, not this one. Thankfully, a phone call and an almost instant fax my paper work was handily taken care of. Plus a big plus while I were at it wit the help of AunTy-M I had the cash I needed to take care of next year’s legally revealing tags.
Additionally, the cats about to starve wasting away down at the barn, I took in showing myself up in the near next door Save-A-Lot market for their wasting benefit. Entry was easy enough the second stop but mere meters away from the first taxing stop was an easy same mall walk to take. Additionally it were an easy store entry the most painful part caught up with me at check out. I mean as I walked the isles from the front door to the back for the pet food isle I passed through a dangerously mind-filled isles with unconscionable irresistible goodies: apricot preserves, sliced peaches in lite syrup, A couple tins emergency tamales, a misrepresented can sloppy joe sauce (opening it later it was but spiced tomato juice), some diced ‘mators, requested sugar by the same old bag, wiener dog buns, some numbers of cheeses, a sweet onion, and the single bag cat food. I mean why should a simple bag cat food cost so much?
Next stop getting on late in the afternoon I delivered a damaged hay ring feeder ring to shop and acquired a promised use of the shop for the next couple days for Ugly fixings. Near lastly I finished the afternoon feeding ladies the up and midway down this road only minutes late for my rattler timing. It had been a reasonably tasty good day. Then it was second time sorting out an accumulated mountain of papers and bills needing some sort of an immediate action for some known desperate medical practitioners. Gosh, I worry about all these people. How do they ever pay their income taxes if I should ever fail to send them payment their demanded outrageous bills?

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