Thursday, March 3, 2011

an empty melodrama
It’s quarter to 6:00, That’s AM. My nose is running with no place to, m eyes are itching and all I did was shovel the ashes out of the woodstove. The crickets that aren’t there are flooding my ears with non existent rubbings of their hind legs. How do I know this? I learnt that in forth grade science, from some of my rural teacher’s ramblings. Back to the case at hand my eyes are itching. I know not why? Wood smoke maybe cleaning stove out? I swear there is no advancement worth wearing one out celebrating with all the endured back sliding’s to get there. Oh crap, it’s rattler time. Well I had better, for if I should drift off in a flury of Z’s I’ll be prepared for an instantly pour out of a box cerial drowned in a half pint milk. I’ve got some serious mechanic-ing before the predicted rain move over me this afternoon. One good thing for today, I’ve no invisible appointments to keep today. Thus I can spend more than 10-15 minutes in the shop before I have to race back here to keep a forgotten appointment. Darn it, I think I’ve been saddled with two more dead batteries yesterday. Oh Crapola, is this the year of the battery replacements? Oh where have all the dollars gone when I need one more battery? I’m thinking I’ll worry about that after I’ve replaced Ugly’s carburetor. It sure been nice if I could have gotten anyone of these projects into the shop. Shop continues to remain tied up with a Bro’s two day project that’s had to one beyond two weeks. And that includes personal defrosting after each measured moment chilling out in the shop.
On the road with the WD45 once again turning my body to the left (south) I had the wind to my back. SOG, Bro’ finally got that two wks of two day project out the shop and immediately moved his new van inside. So where’s mine, still sitting outside. Oh well, I instrument meter tested a couple batteries. One is toast, the other one I’ve got doubts about its all out useful strength. It may not continue to even a turn a small lighter four cylinder gas engine over, yet it may work a couple more years powering a remote controlled gate. Going for what I went for I loaded what I thought I needed for today and headed back. Half way I found a welcome oasis drenched with cold body comforting heat to beat back the chill in my bones feelings half way between the farm stead’s. Why I even enjoyed a hazel nut flavored coffee at Loopy’s home (the oasis).
The air chuck I grabbed and brought home with had failed to work early on so I’ve still have one un-aired tire. I think some bad bug had crawled down inside and nested it’s next season’s replacement its kind of offspring. I removed the caps put them with the air tool’s body with a wire in a tall plastic bottle for working on this evening. I opened the brake bleeder and because I’m watching gravity has quite bleeding in the system. If I weren’t watching it, the fluid would be running out all over the place. Getting nowhere with Dumpy truck I moved on to Ugly replacing the carburetor with what is supposedly a good sound working one. Putting on the engine had made one mistake that a few moments later bit me. My truing to correct that, my sitting my butt on top the radiator, legs spread either side the engine I experience a cramp the likes I haven’t had for sometime. Paining my once, twice and about thrice I decided to get out of there before I’d need some outside help. Ugly’s gonna have to wait for me. Darn, and I was near done. When I’ve figured a new approach, I’ll get back to it, hopefully yet today. It were time for a body warming tea break. Holy headache fat man, when I entered the house my head so cold I had an immediate headache. Already on enough medications I choose to tough it out. Doing so I felt much better mere half hour and one cup-a-tea later.
Almost quitting time for a cold country day. (brrr) Checking again and again the status of the Dumpy truck’s brake bleeding it had finally made it perhaps a half hour or so before the last check. I’m pleased that is finally done and all on it’s own. Using Frieda Ugly truck stepping up stool I could reach that last carb fitting replacement leaning over the fender. Getting just late enough to late to start something else I fed the ladies here and half way down the road. Chores done, parts and tools put away, and the barnyard gate I had earlier forgotten to closed. I was only minutes away from rattler time. All my activities could not have been timed closer.
Once I was in the house We were watching a bit of TV when dancing night club singer came out doing her entertainment think. The young lady wearing a strapless sparkling white (or silver) gown with a slit halfway up the skirt, Frieda commented that this singer’s gown didn’t leave much to the imagination. I looked up and noticing little I suggested she had it well down how to move it. I don’t if that were the right or wrong thing to passingly observe. Herr Clink hasn’t commented since.
Supper was a hit and miss affair raiding the refrigerator it’s leftovers. The woodstove merrily putting out the heat I’m still feeling cold, chilled maybe. Add to that my right inside thigh blessed me with a mysterious cramp earlier. A few moments ago my left calf was acting up pretending as thought it may let me down. Having checked the stove adding more wood and throwing a couple pieces of encouragement on top the stove continues to play tricks upon my person. In my mind there is this insistent’s I’m cold. I think it time I make myself comfortable and curl up in my blanky as it it were my winter’s hibernation’s cocoon.

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