Wednesday, March 2, 2011

facts of life!

First think before I got out of the box a neighbor nicely called and took my Frieda with her for a shopping expedition Taking all our plastic with her. It was only a question of what time she’d ever gotten back?
Having already left Frieda missed my putting my barnyard tux on this morning. To zip it up the front I'd finally worked out a full frontal solution. Bring the zipper while I suck in my stomach until I've moved the tang half way. Then I let my breath out and zip it the rest of the way. As much trouble I've been having lately with this closure somebody certainly could have been nice enough to have shared this solution with me months ago. (grrr)
By noon I’d been to the shop for air, more tools, and materials for mechanic-ing around here. I’d also made it home in time to see and visit with an attractive young senior citizen social worked nurse. With Herr Clink overseeing the scene I could but only complement the already taken young lady her beauty.
Hallelujah! The Dumpy truck’s engine is operational, Started right up on first try. One the flat tires air up. Brakes not quite finished not brought home a 7mm bleeder wrench. Other tire needs another dual tire air chuck to air it. Likely before I’m done those 2 tires will require inner tubs. (phooey). Even managed to air truckster tires.
My tea is becoming harder to buy. A second supermarket has run out of what I like. What is this? Is tea only a seasonal American drink since the Boston tea party?. I’m not sure I like this kind of thinking over this product. I can’t help it my mom was half English decent.
Watched a dukes of hazard original movie. OMG, If Frieda wearing shorts had ever crosser her limbs over mine, neither one of us was safe from that moment one for some time. Whew, I’m rattled just bringing back the memory.
And whatever else I was going to write, I’ve forgotten it. I’ve just have to find a small ring like note book that’d fit in a pocket. Seems I can’t even depend on me as much as I used to?

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Paula said...

Hey isn't that a little dangerous letting Frieda our with the plastic?