Sunday, March 20, 2011

last day’r’first day….

….of the difference between Winter and Spring?
Unemployment running ramped around our Michigan neighborhood, Herr Clink is continually locking our door behind me, my way out that door. I do wish she’d give me a chance to more easily come and go by my own very free will without being so astutely shut out. This situation must be addressed. And, there seems there are only two ways to convince a woman, and I don’t know either one of them.
Setting the scene ladies having been scattered all across the area they are in for the last couple days, taking an interest in the greening grass under foot. All of them getting a taste of/for the future, one of them seeing me, my checking the lot of them out, she picked up her head, gave me a look-see, lifted her tail, straightened her back and came at me in a trot just a carrying her mail. Myself within her sights, at about half way the original distance between us closed from where she had started her move, she opened her mouth and started in on me as if I were Merlin the magician. I knew what he expected of me, an instant ability to magically grace her pasture with lovely tall green munch-able grass. It weren’t but a moment when one, two, three more bovine souls watching her decided to join her. I was about to be thoroughly set upon. Oh, I knew them and their bawling ways. Seeing what was about to turn into an impossible confrontation I immediately knew what to do, I tuned and cowardly scurried away just a quickly as my old bones would carry me from out the their sights. Whew, and Amen.
It didn’t rain. Took the 4010 down the road to move a six bottom plow to make changes onto it for its use behind an Oliver. Had so much trouble with that job left it undone this afternoon as well. Did manage to unwrap Ugly’s fuel pump, and that was that.
Hayed the ladies here and half way down the road. By the time I finished my necessities it was to late to go back to the shop, and it was coming on my rattler taken time.
Settling in Frieda made dinner. I started a new batch laundry and baked a pie. Played some solitaire, wrote this and gone arranged to go bed.

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